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Jesse Russel

Jesse Russel

Jesse Russel is the mother of Selene Russel.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jesse is a Caucasian woman, the white side of Selene's mixed genes. She is a fairly pretty woman with long brown hair, and is still young looking despite having an adult daughter. She's near sighted like her daughter but strictly wears contacts. Jesse has several tattoos on her shoulders and ankles, and a few facial piercings, including a nose ring and a bar in her ear.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jesse grew up in a lower middle class family with her parents and her older brother Jason Russel. In her teen years, she was a troubled and problematic child who liked sneaking out and partying and sleeping around with boys. It was in part a rebellious phase, but also she'd always been known to be irresponsible. When she graduated high school, she attempted collage, but spend much of it going into bars with a fake ID to drink alcohol.   During one of these bar runs, she met Johan Forlorn who unbeknownst to her, was visiting Earth for the first time from another world.. He was unfamiliar with Earth customs, but Jesse found that fascinating about him, and ended up drinking with him. When they were black out drunk they ended up having a one night fling together, but the next morning, Johan left, feeling deeply disgusted having done something when he was so intoxicated. Jesse never saw him again.   To add worse matter, Jesse ended up pregnant with the encounter and had to drop out of college to take care of the baby. The child was born and she named her Selene. Jesse struggled to make ends meet being a young single mother with no college education. She moved into a small house in a tiny town, and dated a few men in attempt to find a father figure for Selene, but all of them were toxic and some even abusive.   By the time Selene was a preteen, the economy collapsed, and Jesse lost the one stable job she had. That's when she realized she couldn't financially take care Selene anymore, and called up her brother Jason, begging him to take Selene with him to New Bridge and have her live with him.   After tearfully sending her daughter off to the city, she got into sex work to get by. She made good money off of it, but she could never tell her daughter about it. It was during this career path she met Rodrick Aumerle. He was a sad sad man who had just recently gone through a rocky and very public divorce. When he started venting about the situation, Jesse sat and listened, more out of curiosity than anything. Rodrick became a regular client for her, and after their sessions they would always sit and talk for a while. They really hit it off after while, and before she knew it, she was agreeing to his proposals for dates.   While they were dating, they would talk about their children, how Jesse wanted Selene to have all of the opportunities she deserved, or how lonely Rodricks son was. After a year or so of them officially dating, Rodrick surprised Jesse by proposing to her. Rodrick wanted a mother figure back in his son's life, and he offered to pay for Selene's education. Jesse accepted on the spot and the two got married shortly after.




Family Ties

Her parents are June Russel and Bill Russel, and her brother is Jason Russel. She has a daughter, Selene Russel, and has recently been married to Rodrick Aumerle, making Jacob Aumerle her step-son.


Rodrick Aumerle


Towards Jesse Russel


Jesse Russel


Towards Rodrick Aumerle


Jesse Russel


Towards Jason Russel


Jason Russel


Towards Jesse Russel


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Year of Birth
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Jason Russel (Brother)
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