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The Misted Wilds


The terrain is primarily flat, but with something of an incline tword the center of the level. The forest has very few hills, and a good number of streams that run tword Lake Hethurin at the base of The Cloudtop Plateau.

Fauna & Flora

The forest is composed primarily of coniferous trees, with a few thickly canopied deciduous trees scattered around. The underbrush is composed of thick layers of ferns, and almost every exposed surface is coated in a thick layer of spoungey moss.   Though it does contain more mundane creatures, the misted wilds are more well known for their assortment of large reptiles, and the far more common amphibian life.

Natural Resources

The trees of the misted wilds are harvested from wood, and many of the mosses that grow across the grounds and trees have medicinal applications.
Alternative Name(s)
The Whisper Woods
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