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High Console Shane Lander

High Console Shane Kelrich Lander (a.k.a. The Old Dog)

"Reliable and stalwart. A good man, if somewhat stiff for my tastes."   -The Wanderer

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dispute being an older man, Shane Lander is heavily muscled. His old battle wounds make him somewhat stiff, but he still moves with strength and purpose.

Body Features

Shane Lander is Hydeulica pale with a straight back, and graying hair.

Facial Features

High Console Lander has hard features with well groomed hair, and a distinguished beard that is going grey at the edges. His nose had been broken, and his eyes are hard and sad.

Physical quirks

Shane lander is left handed. He walks with a straight posture, and intentional movements. When he is idol, he stands at parade rest. This is a man that is very obviously a soldier.

Apparel & Accessories

Shane Lander wears uniforms pretty much exclusively. Usually, he doesn't add any additional ornamentation to his uniform, but on some occasions, he does add all of his medals and honors to it.

Specialized Equipment

He wears a formal sidesword sheathed on his right hip (so as to make it easier to draw left handed).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Shane Lander's childhood was spent against the backdrop of the end of The Starlance Protectorate's golden age. When he was 12, the war began. He spent his formative years watching men leave home never too return. The High Console always said that they were winning the war, but Shane never believed him.

Near the end of the war, things were going poorly. The High Console felt he had no choice, but to order all eligible young men and women drafted into The Glint Guard. While fighting in one of the latter battles of the war, Shane caught the eye of one of The Starlances, a woman named Kiera Graham. Impressed by Shane's tactical sense, and fierce survival instinct, Starlance Graham made Shane one of her Deputies, and began mentoring him to become a Starlance. When the High Console was assassinated, Kiera was selected to take his place. She sued for peace, and began grooming Shane to be her successor. The time for him to take her place came much sooner than the young Shane Lander had ever expected.

While on campaign in the lower decks on behalf of The Opus City Council, High Console Kiera Graham was killed. She had only been in her position for four years. Dispite his youth, Shane Lander was quickly confirmed as High Console. Kiera had always been hard headed, regularly deifying what she called "Those bastards up in Opus." The Young High Console Shane Lander suspected that The Opus City Council had been behind the death of his mentor, but he decided that nothing would be surved by him ending up the same way. Instead, he decided to wait. When the power of Opus was weak he would make his move, and should his life pass without the opprotunity presenting itself, he would ensure his successor was ready to take his revenge for him. Some day the power of Opus would faulter, and on that day, The Starlance Protectorate would put it down, and make sure it never rose again.

Gender Identity



Up until he was sent to war, Shane Lander was given an education in anatomy, tactics, weapons, and history. While in training as Kiera Graham's protege, he was forced to continue his studies of history, art, culture, and war. When his mentor was slain, he chose to continue his studies.


Shane Lander spent a couple of years in The Glint Guard. Following that, he spent another year or so as a Starlance Deputie, then four years as a Starlance, before becoming High Console.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Shane Lander distinguished himself in war, and became High Console of The Starlance Protectorate at a young age. He also did most of the work of rebuilding following the war.

Failures & Embarrassments

He has served under The Opus City Council for most of his adult life. He also feels like he failed his mentor High Console Kiera Graham by letting her be assassinated.

Mental Trauma

His mind sometimes drags him back to the days of the war to relive the death of his friends and comrades. He also fears that those close to him will inevitably be killed. He does not let anyone get close.

Intellectual Characteristics

Bleak, logical, educated, ruthlessly pragmatic.

Morality & Philosophy

Those who don't learn to fight smart die quick, but fighting smart doesn't mean you have to set the world on fire.


Needless cruelty or brutality. Failing to consider options and their effects on people.

Personality Characteristics


Shane Lander wants to remain well placed to break the power of Opus. He also believes that it is his duty to protect his people, and will do so if he can, even if it requires him to make sacrifices.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Shane Lander is great at planning and organizing, but horrible at improvisation. He is also terrible at subtelty when talking to others, instead tending toward briskness.

Likes & Dislikes

He loves games of skill and strategy. He hates games of luck or chance. He likes the smell of wet moss, a warm fire in the hearth, and fishing out in The Port or Starside. He hates when it rains, and the taste of many ingredients common to most potions.

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, cunning, calm, contagious, curious, persistant, practical.

Vices & Personality flaws

Pragmatic, blunt, vengeful, harsh, cynical, callous, inflexible.

Personality Quirks

He gets a pained expression, and grits his teeth sometimes when speaking of war or fighting. These fits seem to pass after a moment or so, but a very very observant person might notices that he appears sad or shaken following their passage.


Shane Lander is a soldierly sort of tidy.


Contacts & Relations

Shane Lander has many associates among The Rathros Counsel, most notable of these is Lessie Graham, his old mentor's daughter and his good friend for many years. Also, though he is a man with few friends, he considers the other eight Starlances to be so.

Family Ties

Shane Lander has no living family. His mother and father both died in their old age. The man himself never married, or had children.

Religious Views

He follows the Scholars, though their doctrine is less important to him than his own personal honor and code.

Social Aptitude

Shane Lander is confident and stubborn, if not particularly tactful.


In tense moments, he is prone to setting his jaw, and reflexively resting a casual hand on his sidesword

Hobbies & Pets

Shane Lander still maintains a wyvern for transport, and in case he needs to ride to battle once more. His current wyvern Heartspine is the child of his first Wyvern Chrystal, who has grown too old to carry a rider.


His voice is a quiet, lilting, rasp that demands to be noticed.


High Console Shane Lander

protege (Vital)

Towards High Console Kiera Graham



High Console Kiera Graham

mentor (Vital)

Towards High Console Shane Lander




Kiera found Shane among the ranks of The Glint Guard during the war. She saw promise in the young soldier, and took him on as a protege, making him first one of her Deputies, then one of The Starlances. During her short time as High Console, Kiera trained Lander to take her place. He did so sooner than he expected to, and because of his mentor's untimely death, his life became devoted to vengeance.

Nicknames & Petnames

Kiera used to call Shane Lout, or Young Lout. Shane used to call her Gran as a play on her surname, and to make fun of her being older than him, but also as a gesture of respect.

Relationship Reasoning

Seeing his skill in combat, and his tactical awareness in battle, Kira took Shane on as a protege.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both were warriors, with a similar mindset. They were students of war, who believed in honor, and justice.

Shared Acquaintances

The other Starlances of the day, and Kiera's daughter Lessie.

High Console Shane Lander

subordinate Head of State (Vital)

Towards Governor Thequen Fenro



Governor Thequen Fenro

overlord (Important)

Towards High Console Shane Lander




High Console Shane Lander believes that the, then newly elected, Governor Thequen Fenro was behind the death of his mentor High Console Kiera Graham. High Console Lander has spent the past 40 years waiting for an opportunity to pay that debt back to the governor... with interest. For his part, Govergnor Fenro has a low opinion of his counterpart leading The Starlance Protectorate. Governor Fenro has looked down on High console Lander since the younger man's confirmation. Fenro has always believed Lander to be spineless and simple.

Relationship Reasoning

Both men were alive on opposite sides of the war, and came to power at a young age. The suspicious death of High Console Kiera Graham set the two on a path of conflict that has yet to come to a head

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both Fenro and Lander are students of history, but their particular interest reflect the culture of their upbringing, with Fenro focusing on politics, and Lander focusing on military strategy and command.

Shared Acquaintances

Both know most of the other major political figures of Everfall.

Wealth & Financial state

Shane Lander has access to all of the resources of The Starlance Protectorate (pending the approval of The Rathros Counsel). That includes a very expansive (though distinctly not bottomless) treasury.
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Starlance High Console, Starlance
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
649 AV 65 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born to an upper class family in Rathros
The Fort in Rathros
Current Residence
Hard, Hazel eyes
Close cropped black, salt and pepper creeping in at the temples
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Hydeaulica pale.
194 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
War is monstrous, but sometimes, it takes a monster to do what must be done.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, halfling.

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