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Rathros has a slightly higher percentage of humans than most cities in Everfall. It also has a large half-elven community that lives in the spinewoard side of the city. The city also has a much higher population of peoples that have a sensitivity to light than most other places in Everfall.


Rathros is governed by The Starlance Protectorate. Being the seat of their power, it is directly ruled by The Starlance High Console, and kept in line by the power of the The Glint Guard.


Rathros is built atop The Cloudtop Plateau with only a few, well guarded, pathways up the cliff face. It also has a set of well built and maintained walls ringing the edge of the plateau.

Industry & Trade

Rathros is a center for the study of healing, alchemy and chemistry. It also trades heavily in weapons and armor.


The citie's most impressive infrastructure feature is the system of channels and canals that direct the condensed water that would otherwise build up from the ever present mist off the plateau. Also, because of it's long martial tradition, the walls of the city are quite impressive.


Rathros has very easy access to clean fresh water It also has access to the many unique herbs and materials that live and grow in The Misted Wilds. Because of the martial traditions of The Starlance Protectorate, Rathros contains many skilled blacksmiths and well supplied forges.

Guilds and Factions

Rathros is controlled by The Starlance Protectorate. Within the city few factions are permitted to operate, which only means that those who do are the most cunning and resilient.


In the time of the scholars, Rathros was a small ring for on the far side of Everfall from The First City. In the fighting of The First Wars, it was left almost untouched. As power shifted, Ratheos gained great influence and prosperity, especially with its proximity to Opus, the new center of power in Everfall.


As with all cities in Everfall, Rathros is built from wood and plaster. Unlike most settlements in Everfall, though, the the city center (colloquially known as The fort) which was once the original ring fort that the city was built out from is made of stone conjured using the great magics of the scholars.


Rathros is built atop The Cloudtop Plateau. It is surrounded by Lake Hethurin which forms a natural moat. Beyond the lake are The Misted Wilds. The city itself is forever shrouded within the clouds, except on those very rare occasions when the skys clear.

Natural Resources

The city is able to harvest fish from Lake Hethurin , and rare herbs and rare animals from The Misted Wilds. There are also a few crops that grow better in the mists of The Cloudtop Plateau than anywhere else.
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The City of Mists
Large city
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