Thousandstrike is Debuk'kwah's avenger. He slew Crescendo in battle during the Harrowing after being trained by Alephus Ashiman and Cannibal.   He is assumed to be Jonas Jadey, and supposedly fell during the attack on Anthem by Brood Blood-Kyn.
The air was abuzz with the energy crackling through Thousandstrike's fur. A gunshot rang out but he was gone, several feet off course in a flicker of light and a rumble of sound. Another and he was in front of them, another and he was among them—striking all of them at once, and multiple times.   His gun rang out more times than it had bullets, and when the air cleared of the blur of his motion they lay dead, and the ground was grooved and padded with the outline of his boots, as though he had stepped around and among them dozens of times in a mere instant.

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