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The Iron Sights

The Iron Sights. A cult dedicated to the use of guns. A bit strange and absurd, but if you need a hired gun, there is no better place to find one.

— Innkeeper outside The Six Chambers.

A Cult of the Gun

The Iron Sights are a ValuSelu Pact-based organization that contains some of the most experienced gunslingers of the entire universe. This organization of gunslingers approaches the realm of religious fervor. A massive temple in the shape of a revolver serves as a pilgrimage site for those seeking to hone their craft. Any and all are welcome to join the ranks of the Iron Sights, but only the true gunslingers will find their way to power within the organization.


This entire organization was founded by a group of expert marksman throughout the Pact, but are lead by the famous gunslinger Kor-Tar, The Thunderstorm.

Over time, the Iron Sights grew into a religious cult, dedicated to the perfection of the ways of gunslinging. During The Bannercasting, the Pact offered to build the Iron Sights a temple in exchange for maintaining their organization exclusively on Jhoutai.

The Six Chambers still serves as the Iron Sights place of worship and practice. Gunslingers from other Banners often hold pilgrimages to the temple, where they seek to better themselves and be around their peers.


The Iron Sights temple hosts many services all catering to the Gunslingers. Each of these services resides in one of the six chambers of the temple, and have their own organization within themselves.

There is no better place to get new gear, find a job, or test your mettle, than at The Six Chambers

— Gunslinger

The Bounty Guild

The best way to practice gunslinging is to take on jobs that require it. That's where the Bounty Guild comes into play. They organize deals between Gunslingers within the temple and clients who reside outside. They have their own rules and practices, and breaking those rules will lead to expulsion from the entirety of the Iron Sights.

The Gunsmith's Guild

Home to some of the most experienced gunsmiths in the universe, the Gunsmiths guild is a place for gunslingers to commission new components and get their equipment repaired. While repairing is at cost for high ranking members of the Iron Sights, getting new weapons often takes place as part of a ceremony.

Dueling Arena

An arena used to test the mettle of it's members, the massive chamber holds competitions as well as personal showdowns. These facilities use Meissner Antigravity floors and walls to form dynamic arenas that are built to the duelists agreement. This Dueling Arena is typically a no-kill zone, but if both parties accept, duels to the death are possible.

Training Hall

Consisting of a series of simulated environments and the most proficient Gunslingers in the entire universe, this facility provides training to aspiring gunslingers in every aspect of the craft. Gunsmithing, pistol shooting, rifling shooting, gun-kata, and any other imaginable course can be taught here.

Meeting Hall

The Meeting Hall is a relaxed location for gunslingers to share stories and regale peers with experiences. It contains recreational and social facilities such as a bar and virtual reality arcade. This is the only hall accessible by outsiders, though the recreation facilities are locked for members only.

The Atrium of the Gunslinger

The Gunslingers Atrium is a massive room dedicated to those who have made their name in the world as Gunslingers. Their methodologies, weapons, and personalities are immortalized in these halls to serve as lessons and as examples to follow.


Staying within the Temple

Any Gunslinger is welcome to stay within the temple and use its facilities, but it is not for free. Those who enter the temple must provide for the temple as much as they take out. This can take the form of bounty donations, cleaning, cooking, teaching, or any other service that betters The Six Chambers.

The living situations with in the temple are all similar, no gunslinger is treated more luxuriously than any other. This is to place everyone on even footing, and to avoid classism between the skill levels.


Outside the Temple

Riding towards the town of the Gunslingers is an experience. You first see the temple, built at the top of a sweeping cliff face. At the bottom of the cliff is the town. A metropolis of people all seeking business with the Gunslingers. So much economy all built around the gun.

— Bounty Poster

The Six Chambers is but the center piece of a massive city, the temple overshadows the surrounding buildings. These buildings are all targeted somehow towards business with the Iron Sights. Inns, restaurants, bars, and even tourist traps have all sprouted up. There are specialized houses for those seeking to post bounties to the Iron Sights, as bounties have to be accepted in person.

Being a Gunslinger

Ties to the Pact

While Gunslingers are not forced to join The ValuSelu Pact, the temple serves as a strong conversion point for other powerful gunslingers. Kor-Tar's loyalty to ValuSelu as also eased the minds of the Pact, who continue to allow the Iron Sights to be a inter-banner organization.


Once one becomes a member of the Iron Sights, they accept the rules of engagement with other Gunslingers. They are given the patch of the Slug Bloom to wear on all missions. Should they encounter a fellow Slug Bloom wearer in a hostile situation, they can only combat each other through a duel. To kill another gunslinger outside of a duel will lead to exile and even retaliation in extreme cases.

Alternative Names
The public just calls them the Gunslingers
Irons (internal)
Gunslingers (public)
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles

The Leader

Kor-Tar, The Thunderstorm is the Gunslinger Monolith, and serves as the leader of the Iron Sights.



The current leader and true monolith of Precision, this position is only given to one person and it has been Kor-Tar despite the hundreds of challengers she has had to duel.


The current leader of a Cylinder of The Six Chambers. Each Guildmaster takes part in the judicial meetings of The Iron Sights and can make decisions on new members and policies.


The title given to Gunslingers who have reached their Monolithic status. These people have near limitless access to The Six Chambers, and are considered capable enough to duel Kor-Tar for her title.


The most common Iron Sights icon is a Crosshair painted above the petals of a Slug Bloom. These patches are always emblazoned on the armor and weapon of those who are part of the Iron Sights.

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