Moezhakai Kor-Avadanim

Listen, I'm a Nasyk Gunslinger. I fuckin' kill a lot of people. It's never random though, either someone paid me to do it or they were a total dick. Just be careful cause people who ask questions like that tend to fall under the 'total dick' category.
— Mosey
An Aspiring Gunslinger and Bounty Hunting Nasyk, Moezhakai is exceptionally lethal in combat, and exceptionally coy outside of it. He goes by the nickname "Mosey" and his preferred weapon is a short-barreled rifle custom made and modified by the Gunsmithing Guild.   His ultimate goal is to take on Kor-Tar, The Thunderstorm, he has already had one round with her and is honing his craft so when he draws his iron against her next time, he will walk away the new Grandmaster of The Iron Sights.




It's damn fun to hide in really cramped spaces, makes me feel at home. Bonus is it scares the heck out of my companions when they find me sleeping in a cabinet!
— Mosey
  Mosey is a prankster at heart, coy and childlike at times. Even during the most harrowing situations Mosey attempts to inject humor into the situation. It is his personal belief that if he takes himself too seriously that is when he will truly fail. Though despite his humor he nearly never smiles, which adds to a deadpan appearance that makes it hard to tell if he is really joking about something or not.   Mosey is such a prankster that he will even joke about his races own past to get a rise out of people. Malisyk jokes, even about cannibalism are not off the table but are always said with a straight face. This has gotten him in trouble with certain parties but in his opinion, parties that get offended would not suit him anyways.  

Rise of a Gunslinger

Duel with Kor-Tor

Mosey is one of the few people to enter a duel with Kor-Tar, The Thunderstorm and live to tell the tale. He caught her unaware during a mission that brought Kor-Tor and Mosey into the same combat zone. Knowing of her capabilities, the young but capable Mosey challenged her to a duel.   Kor-Tor, impressed by the bravery and finesse of the young Nasyk accepted, but promised that "This is going to hurt, little one." Mosey, with a steady hand and slung rifle, initiated the countdown. When the timer struck, Mosey fired his shot a millisecond before Kor-Tor, striking her in the leg.   Kor-Tor's shot rang true, and punctured just to the left of Mosey's heart. She did not kill him, respecting his tenacity and skill.  
Join The Iron Sights , little one. You will have another chance.

The Strive to Return

His defeat at the hands of Kor-tor did not dissuade him, but instead emboldened him. He took up Kor-Tars offer, and made a pilgrimage to The Six Chambers.   His practiced ability granted him entry soon after his arrival, where he proved himself an excellent student and paid his way through Bounties. He constantly takes new jobs from the Bounty Guild, seeking more difficult challenges to hone his sharpshooting skills so he may one day challenge Kor-Tor once more.  
I operate with a goal. As much fun as slaying folks is on it's own, we all gotta work towards something.   I'm working to become the best damned gunslinger there ever was. Manul? Kor-Tar? Ol' Mosey's gonna be next.
— Mosey

Combat Style

Mosey uses his abilities as a Nasyk to take opponents from afar, using his natural agility and his Meissner grappling hook, he takes up vantages and sits patiently waiting for his mark to arrive.   He attempts to challenge himself with his shots, seeing that any kill that does not improve his skill is not worth doing. If forced into close quarters he tends to use his mobility against his opponents, bounding around and taking careful shots at his target.

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Personal Affects

Mosey Special
A short-barreled large bore rifle. It is powered through traditional powder means. The hardened wood stock and SuperGlass furniture is offset by the bronze trigger, an Affinity part forged from a bullet shot into him by Kor-Tar
Slug Bloom Bullets
A specialized set of bullets that are infused with the extract from a Slug Bloom flower. These rounds are less lethal than the typical round but cause unimaginable pain for hours on end.
Meissner Assisted Hook
A specialized mobility device that uses anti-gravity technology to allow Mosey to traverse great heights and lengths effortlessly, perfect for getting a vantage point.

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