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I hate Sviniar, I mean it's in the name. Anyone who knows Slovak will understand. I just find it funny that it's my one contribution to science, naming a creature off a slovak swear.

Sviniar are one of the many apex predators that have evolved on the colonized worlds. They are an avian race that live as pack hunters in jungle and forested regions. They have been exported to a multitude of worlds thanks to their adaptability.

Distinct Features

Sviniar are a unique ambush predator. They have hardened plates on their skulls that are used as a crushing buldgeon as they divebomb their prey in an attempt to crush them. Their beaks are enlongated and can be used to 'spear' prey as well as crush them if they need to penetrate thick hide.


Sviniar have to carry a lot of weight in order to provide enough force to buldgeon prey to death. This means that their flight cabilities are limited to short take-off and gliding out of trees. Their most vulnerable point is directly after a strike, where they have to take off to return to the trees.


The Sviniar were discovered on the planet of Fenu-Tri originally. Their ability to control the tree-tops filled a special role in ecologies that made them popular for off-world terraforming. The creditted discoverer is Robert Kiska, who thought of the name after being attacked by several of them while waiting for extraction.

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Discovered by
I have seen too many poor bastards waiting for extract off Fenu-Tri only to be squashed waiting for the doors to open. Keep a gun in the sky, and be ready to dive if you here that woosh of wind.


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Jul 4, 2020 22:07

Word "Sviniar" looks and probably sounds similar to the Polish word "świnia" which means "pig"

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