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Fenu-Tri is a planet that was colonized during the original Expansion Era. The planet was prized for being low in terraformation cost, but was lost after the Melancholic Lacuna.

It has been recently rediscovered, and now the Marpolo Bridge orbits the planet, offering any eager prospector the chance to plunder the skeleton of the rich world.

Fenu-tri is a beautiful planet, naturally evolved and synthetically refined. It shows the power of nature to reclaim even the most obstrustive of man-made construction.

It's a treasure trove, sadly a lot of people know that.

— Noh-rajh Durange III
Hired Gun of the ValuSelu Pact.

A Planet Made Wild

Early Promise

Fenu-Tri is a planet with many varied biomes all harkening back to Jhoutai, with everything from dense Nege-like jungles to Khatoum-like Desert to Fauridar’ru-like tundra.

The planet originally drew The ValuSelu Pact and The Vanthric Haimarchy, and while they managed to live together during the expansion era, many historians believe that skirmishes began after the WayHall closed.

Since the planet's Sophontic life dwindled soon after the Lacuna, Fenu Tri’s wildlife grew unhindered. While many species on the planet are direct descendants of creatures brought from home planets like Jhoutai, most if not all have adapted to surviving the wild planet of Fenu-Tri.


When Federation scouts opened the Wayhall to Fenu-tri, they came upon a lush and ripe world, covered in ruins and grown over by centuries of aggressive Flora. It was a treasure trove, and the Polo Bridge set itself in orbit only months later.

It is still technically under Federation protection, though many believe that will change once the scouting of the planet has been complete.

Experimental Life

Besides the Haimarchy and Pact, other Banners such as the Jupiter Syndicate and the Apple of Hedonism took interest in other sections of the planet.

Cheap terraforming costs allowed Banners to experiment with terraforming practices. The Syndicate attempted to introduce Synthisaurs, Hedon is rumored to have a bio-weapon research facility somewhere on the planet.

This leads Fenu-Tri to have some of the most diverse wildlife anywhere, but that also means that it can have the most dangerous wildlife.

I always find it interesting when our creations outlast us. Animals that we made now thrive and prevent us from settling. New dangerous evolve, faster than nature would allow.

This planet has become a challenge for the hardiest or stupidest of prospectors.

I know where I fall on that spectrum, but where are you?

— Noh-rajh Durange III
Hired Gun of the ValuSelu Pact.


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The Heart Sea

A massive fresh-water sea on the left continent of Fenu-Tri. This fresh sea seems to have been formed by a earth-rupturing event. Many pillage the sea looking for the source.

Eiuka Peaks

Named after the famous Nasyk Eiuka, these massive mountains dominate the northern pole of the planet. Many believe large Nasyk strongholds remain to be looted.

Meyfar Plains

The southern desert dominated by two chains of mountains with massive grasslands. Large verin facilities are spotted around the mountains, many prospectors do not return from this journey.

The large island chain to the west of the two major continents. It is noted for its large Synthisaur. It was rumored to be a research facility of an pre-lacuna Orga company

Lacuna Tribes

While the planet of Fenu-tri is considered uninhabited, there are reports of several 'tribes' of Sophont that still inhabit the planet.

Prospecters are warned to be cautious in making contact, as the allegiances of any remaining tribes might have changed since the Lacuna.

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