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Rilaem Sathiidism

Rilaem Sathiidism is a weakened form of Sathiidism made for mass production for the Rilaem army. It confers incredible muscle gain and stamina, but is also unstable and caused the Rilaem soldiers to frequently enter Mataglap Ferality.

The Jhoutigari soldiers balked under the onslaught of the Rilaem. With the Rilaem's paltry armor, they should not have been able to press the line like they were, but they were tireless, and pulled their strength from a seemingly endless well of rage.

Amasti leveled her rifle and opened up on an advancing line, but her rounds bounced off of the near-invisible kinetic barrier proceeding them. The wave of them crashed over her, perforating her in a constant hail of bullets. When she fell, they left her body for a Bonesflood to add her to its rank.


Symptoms & Prognoses
Same as Sathiidism but more volatile. Fallen Rilaem may trigger a Bonesflood.


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