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Antagonistic Sathiidism

Antagonistic Sathiidism is a form of Sathiidism which has entered a vicious feedback cycle with its host's biology. Typically, this is the result of having some sort of alternative Regeneration or by having certain other conditions, such as Bleak.

"I am always in pain, and always aware of it. I feel it crawling around between my teeth and pulling every joint and vertebrae out of place. Everything I do—from the way I move to the tempo of my day, is a dance around the pain, surviving it long enough to do the next thing.


Antagonistic Sathiidism is caused by secondary conditions which augment the body in other ways, such as developing Abomination mutations, being a Bleakheart, or restoring from death or severe wounds multiple times.


Affected Species

Killed and resurrected over and over again, Brood soon felt her body warping as the Sathiidism tried to keep up.

She began to feel wounds when none were there, and to be numb to actual damage. Her body became a prison and her mind the jailor.


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