Portable Interface for Genetics

Also known as the P.I.G, the Portable Interface for Genetics allows individuals an easy way to gain access to the ironClad programming that is used to program Orga technology into its final state. It also provides unique tools that can be used to do proper splicing, forming, and breaking down of material.
"The PIG." Not the best acronym for a product that is essentially the most advanced Orga toolkit you can carry.   Sounds more like some sort of Khirmagne weapon you'd whip out to turn some poor sod into mincemeat.
— PIG Owner

The best you can get

Developed originally by The Apple of Hedonism company, Trulix Organics, the PIG was designed for military and commercial use in maintaining and designing Orga equipment on the field.   It is equipped with Orga interface equipment, as well as genetic splicing and organic breakdown tools. It is made to be portable by a single individual, which makes it invaluable to any Orga-heavy party. However because of their usefulness in conducting advanced Orga operations, they are pricier than the more basic interface devices.
God I love the PIG. Went out scouting the other day, found ourselves in a snowstorm that nearly froze our nuts off.   Whipped out the PIG and upgraded the weatherproofing on our Orga by upping the metabolism. Saved our damn lives.

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Voltaic Power

For survival or colony users, charging from radiation and sunlight leads to a maintainable kit for long distance voyages.

Analyze Chamber

A chamber dedicated to analyzing unique traits that can be taken from animals. This allows identification and assistance with merging.

Orga Database

On license from SysTome, the PIG can come right with a knowledge compendium to help in Orga operations.

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