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Kinetic Leash

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Playing for Keeps - By Barron

Another day through the grind of Syndicate society. Kay worked grueling hours at the corporate labs. Only when he laid a hand on the front door, and heard the tell tale humming of his boyfriend behind it, did the weight of the day finally lift from Kay's shoulders.

"I'm home, Teddybear!" An affectionate term for the white-furred dyed-up Helyk.

In the Kitchen, Alto placed the final details upon his little project. His claws pinched just a touch of pickled ginger onto the combined plate of hand-rolled sushi. Sure the fish was cultured tuna and simulated Salmon, but he had spent his Matchmaker's Festival budget on a more expensive toy.

"Welcome home, Softcheeks." Alto left the plate on the counter, and sprang to Kay, his long legs covering the length of their apartment in just a few steps. His purple eyes caught the glint of metal surrounding the pale flesh of Kay's neck. Their Bonding Band, as spotless as the day they put it on.

"They had you working late on the holiday, huh?" Alto stroked his sympathic hands over Kay's arms and shoulders. "Yeah, and they added new AR blockers so I couldn't even see you on break." Kay rolled his eyes at the inane choices of his employer "Another reason for us to get outta here, no more company."

Kay leaned into Alto's warming presence, his head sinking into the pillow of chest fur concealed by a thin shirt. "Soon, Alto. Soon."

Familiar claws traced through Kays auburn hair, arcing over his scalp as if drawing the stresses of the day from his brain. "Well, it gave me time to finish dinner, so—" A pair of soft lips touched to Kay's forehead.

His cheeks flushed as bright as his Lume Tattoos.

Kay peeked past Kay, and caught the inviting sight of the red of tuna topping the white and green of rice and nori. "You made Sushi?!" Kay wore his excitement on his sleeve, and Alto found the emotion sweet as honey on his tongue.

"Don't sound so surprised," Alto stepped back, hands dropping to take Kays own and drag him to the kitchen, "you've still got plenty more coming after all."

And just like that, the last twelve hours of grueling corporate monotony faded into Kay's distant memory, assauged by the affections and care of his adoring partner.

Finders Keepers

Kinetic leashes are low-level consumer wands that incorporate a low level kinetic spell. It appears as a small handheld wand wrapped in leather. In order to use it, touch the casting end against a surface. A kinetic band will attach and can expand up to a certain distance away from the target.

A Kinetic Leash is a popular tool for pleasure and domination in the Adult Entertainment industry. You'll find all kinds and makes of kinetic leashes in the nightstands of many adventurous souls.

Commerically available Kinetic leashs are required to be weak enough to break by unwilling targets.

Spell Upgrade

Upgrades the strength of the Kinetic casting level. Warning: Upgrading Spell can cause potentially dangerous situations.

Length Upgrade

Allows leashes to expand to a greater distance. Up to Thirty Feet.

Multi-Band Mode

Allows the user to spawn multiple kinetic bands at the same time. Doubles meta drain.

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Playing for Keeps - By Barron

"I'm no Dartesi, but I didn't use the instant rice this time." Dartesi's smile betrayed his pride. Kay always found it so cute how proud Alto was to provide.

"Chef's Kiss, sweetheart. Chef's Kiss." Indeed as close to wild-caught fish as you could get without shelling out the Rukta. "Honestly, I like your style of art over his anyways. This sushi is making a lovelyt night, but these tattoos you gave me?" The tattoos under his body thrummed a sweet-reddish pink like a bird showing off their mating feathers. "They'll last 'til I ride the wheels off this body."

"Good choice of words, Kay." Alto rolled a piece of sushi between his fingers before popping it between his purple lips. His clawed hands slipped below the table, and came back with a familiar device. Kay, being so well-versed in the kinky aspects of the universe, recognized it immediately.

"You got a Kinetic Leash, huh? Did you get a dog or something?" Kay teased, eyes flitting between the leather-wrapped tool in Alto's hand and Alto himself.

Alto swallowed his food, his ivory fangs peeking from his smile. "No, no dogs. But I got a human who needs some training."

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