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Jhoutaioan Wheat

Jhoutaioan Wheat is a heavy grain that grows in large rows on top of Jhoutaioan Coral structures. The golden flat-topped plant is harvested for use in culinary and alcoholic refinement. The most popular use of Jhoutaioan Wheat is in ales such as Helmshigh Brew.
Many humans think of wheat as long and tall plants, golden and waving in the wind. Not Jhoutaioan Wheat. It comes flat and wrapped around coral. Golden arches of wheat for miles, it's a bit surreal.
— Human Tourist


Cultivation of Jhoutaioan Wheat requires a bed of Jhoutaioan Coral, which the Wheat will root into similar to how a moss plants onto a rock. It sucks up minerals from the microscopic organisms which live within the coral, and soaks up water from the fluctuating water table of Jhoutai.

The Plant grows in large flat bunches, unlike the taller wheats of Eden. Harvesting involves scraping the wheat plants from coral, processing the entire plant with roots included from the coral structure. Sculpted coral archways are the most common farming shape used to grow the wheat, as the plant with encompass the entire circumference of the structure.



In Food

Jhoutaioan Wheat is commonly used in a similar vein to flour. It is used in pastries and as a base for doughs of all different kinds. It can even be eaten raw in desperate situations or just to enjoy its naturally nutty and earthy flavor.

In Drink

One of the more popular exports in Jhoutaioan wheat as it is brewed in several Jhoutai alcohols. The most prominent export using the Wheat is the Helmshigh Brew.

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We've been growin' Jhoutaion Wheat longer than most nations have stood. It is who we are, which is why you'll find the symbol of our wheat on our armors.
— Helmshigh Farmer


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