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Del’van Tor Capul


Del'van was the overseer of the physical exam for Columbus Colonization. His outgoing personality and challenge designing led to the crew being placed through an array of unique trials in order to pass. Some went smoother than others.
Del'vans past with Columbus Colonization is brief. He currently serves as physical interviewer under temporary contract. His primary career is teaching physical education and coaching track and field. This primary career actually lent to his physical challenges that candidates went through, as he had students create the individual rooms as an extra-curricular activity.


Del'van appears as fit and as typical as a Ral-mi can be- trim of body, clean black fur, golden eyes that glint in low light. His clothes are what stand him apart from the rest. The cliche of a physical instructor, he typically sports a polo-shirt inlet with the mascot of the local school as well as a pair of loose fitting cargo shorts.  
Del'van took several more moments, compiling whatever scribbles lay in his datapad. With a sigh he looked up, expression flat.

"It was a good show. Not many actually make it through my eval." He began with a smile. "You fought decisively and showed a semblance of teamwork."

Standing at attention, Jho extended his right hand for a shake, "I can see why most don't." his lackadaisical smile betrayed the professional demeanor he attempted.

Del'van raised his brow and peered down at the offered hand. A lingering sigh escaped his lips, and his data pad finds its way into his pocket. Both hands reached forward, clasping Jho's own between them. He then drew them back before forming a fist with both and giving him a two-handed fist bump.

"Good luck deciphering that one." The Ral-mi mused with a smirk.
Mane tied back into a short pony-tail
6' 5"
Aligned Organization


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