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Written by Barron

You can't make more time, but you can make every second count!

— Adrenalol Marketing Campaign

Originally produced by Eurogenics Corporation, Adrenalol started life as a combat stimulant. The original chemical trademark can be traced back to Scandinavia before the First Contact of Tower Spoke & Via Lactea. This makes Adrenalol a several Millennia-old recipe. It has gone through revamping in its production, but its purpose is still the same.


Adrenalol heightens reflexes, combats fatigue and hunger, desensitizes nerves, and induces powerful hallucinations. Many users report feeling time slow around them while they remained the same speed or feeling their muscles turn to steel.

Production and Legality

Many companies still produce the drug for military markets with regulation on civilian use only common in The Church of The Somnolent, The Jupiter Syndicate, and The Verin Haimarchy.

The drug is often advertised as a pleasure drug or as a combat enhancement depending on the location. Hedonites often use the drug to prolong parties or raves. Most other Banners use Adrenalol exclusivly for combat purposes, though most organized militaries issue the drug exclusively to units requiring extended wakefulness.

We were in the shit, neck deep in it. Pirates pouring on our vessel, shooting everyone they see. I was about to eat the barrel of a pistol when I caught Joseph huffing an inhaler out of the corner of my eye.

His arms moved so fast, it was uncanny, like someone was tugging at him with strings. He pulled the trigger so quick that multiple shots rang out before his arm jerked with recoil. Being out of ammo didn't stop him, he hopped over me, cracking skulls with the barrel and screaming bloody murder. I never really saw Joseph the same again, but at least the Adrenalol he snuck aboard kept us alive.

— Account of Adrenalol Inhaler usage

Administration Routes

Adrenalol can be administered via pill, injection, and inhalation. Inhalation is the most common practice, as the lungs carry the Adrenalol quickly throughout the body, producing the most instant effects.

Side Effects

The average body can regenerate the damage caused by mild or uncommon usage, but more frequent use can lead to hypersomnia, muscle and nerve degradation, skin lesions, severe depression, and organ failure. Inhalation of the drug can lead to tongue lesions and severe tooth and jawbone decay.


Speed+, S+, Addy's Spike, Exblow'd, Ireheart Juice, and Crystal Kill just to name a few.

Cover image: Inhalant by Ademal


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