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Ice Silver

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Ice silver is a material that can be found in the ice caps of Etharai. It has a myriad of uses, ranging from the tools used by the norrith inhabiting the regions, to powerful machinery that lasts and withstands high tempuratures.
Ice silver, in addition to being incredibly useful, is also stunningly beautiful in its cured form, with a nice icy blue sheen on top of its already metallic appearance. It is used by many nightwalker norrith as armour plates, as well as being a fashion statement.
The material is rare but highly coveted, causing those not living in the ice caps to trade rediculous amounts of goods in exchange for even just a tiny amount. This is only exacerbated by the norrith's overcharging due to their dislike of the intrusive communities that want to do trade with them.
Cold, metallic
Silvery blue


Tools & Machinery

In the ice caps, ice silver is one of the very few sturdy materials. As such, it is used for the majority of the tools made by the norrith living in the region. This can include pickaxes or other mining tools, frames for lights and lamps, and weapons for hunting, such as spears or arrows. Ice silver is incredibly durable, and resistant to low and high temperatures, making it an ideal material for heavy machinery on the rest of the planet.

Building & Architecture

Within the ice caps, ice silver is often used as a structural support or frame for buildings beneath the snow. It helps keep the other materials of the walls from collapsing under the weight of the snow, and minimises the damage in the case that a roof or wall does break. It is also used to line walkways and passages between buildings, providing a sturdy place to stand in areas where the snow isn't as tightly-packed as would be ideal.


Due to its durability, ice silver is excellent in armour or other protective material, such as hardhats for construction. Ice silver armour is often worn by nightwalker norrith, as protection against the wildlife that they hunt. The nightwalkers will also add engravings and other personalisations to their armour, making each individual's armour unique and specifically tailored to their tastes. To the nightwalkers, this armour holds incredible cultural meaning.


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Dec 27, 2023 20:34 by Elspeth

Ice Silver Armour sounds incredible. Love it!

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It sounds so pretty. I love that the norrith overcharge xD

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Jan 15, 2024 18:20

Ice Silver sounds gorgeous! I would have a sword made of it, or maybe even some jewelry! It kind of reminds me of that one Inuit tribe that confused most of the explorers who came across them, since they found a meteoroid in the ice and used the iron in it to make weapons and tools when all their peers only had bone ones. Great article and love the theme you made!

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Very cool material.   Bit of feedback, you have created a "How 'rare' is rare?" situation. It seems to be used extensively locally on the ice caps as a building material, which for a species of the size of the norrith would imply a relative local abundance. It makes me imagine it as more of an oil analog of locally abundant but globally scarce, which would then broker the question of why not just trade it away for food and resources instead of making armor to hunt the local wildlife?   Over all cool concept. good job.

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