Blue-Faced Chimpanzee

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Native to the megaforest, the blue-faced chimpanzee is named for the cobalt patterns that cover its skin - which are most visible on their face, one of the few places they are hairless. They reside in the canopy of the trees, and are a very social species. They are omnivores, though they primarily eat meat - typically birds such as the Zuothis and, in extreme cases, even the Qelk. Though they don't make a habit of it, yellingbirds who wander below the tree line meet a rare foe in the blue-faced chimp, who are one of the only species capable of standing up to it. Blue-faced chimpanzees also eat nuts and fruits, to supplement their diet.


The blue-faced chimpanzee has long figers, with incredibly grip strength, allowing it to swing from tree to tree and vine to vine in its habitat. Its coarse hair is hydrophobic, keeping it warm and dry in spells of rain, and its long limbs and tail give it fine maneuverability in the tree branches it calls home. The species has no hair on its face, though it does sport some rather interesting patterns there instead: stripes, dots, and lines of a bright, striking blue decorate the species' skin, on not just its face, but across its entire body. The face is where this is most visible - the other portions of its skin that do not grow hair are its palms and feet, which are black in their entirety. It has a thin and diminutive frame, compared to many of the other creatures that reside in its habitat, but despite this, it has very strong muscles, capable of tearing its prey - jungle birds that are much larger than themselves - limb from limb.
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May 19, 2024 16:17 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the idea of the blue patterns on their faces. Though chimps in general are a little scary. I can't believe these ones can stand up to the yellingbirds. D: