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The yellingbird is a species that can be found on the emergent layer of the megaforests, living on the very tops of the trees, above the rest of the jungle's ecosystem. The species is known for its terrifying mating call, which sounds like a sudden, loud, menacing scream. Yellingbirds are known for being incredibly loud creatures, and are fearsome apex predators of their habitat. It eats smaller species in the emergent layer, such as the winged mouserat and the longbeaked cacaw, though its favourite prey is the red-breasted thornbeak. They are considered incredibly cruel birds, and in qelk folklore are almost always personified as villainous brutes.


The yellingbird is a large avian species with dark skin and cream-coloured feathers. They have white bellies, and often have darker colouration near their eyes, to help protect from the bright sun. They have one of the largest wingspans of the avian world, and their wings allow them to be capable of very powerful flight. However, it also means that the species is incapable of travel in the lower levels, as they are very easily caught in the many leaves, branches, and vines of the rainforest. They have sharp talons at the ends of their legs, capable of easily slicing the skin of their prey. They like to play with their food by not initially making killing blows, but instead injuring their prey's wings or limbs and watching as they struggle to run away. The species' beaks are also incredibly strong, and they keep them sharp by regularly filing them against tree branches.
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