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The zuothis is a species beloved by the jylar and qelk living in the megaforests, though especially the latter. These large, colourful birds flit about the trees and branches of the biome, fearless and loud. Their calls sound akin to scratching wood, and they have a tendency to be quite abraisive to other species.
To the jylar, the species' beautiful colours are something to be admired, and the species makes its way into their art and folklore, as symbols of beauty and sometimes vanity. To the qelk, the species make wonderful companions, and their loudness and behaviour fits right in to the qelk's ideals and society.


Zuothis are fairly large compared to many of the other avian species of Etharai, though are comparitavely small when considering the other species of their native biome. The zuothis have curved beaks, which are excellent for removing nuts from their shells, a large part of the species' diet. Their wings contain three notable joints, and are able to turn and twist in ways that other birds cannot move. This allows them to be incredibly precise and agile in their flight, with very controlled movement that allows them to navigate the countless branches, vines, and leaves of their environment. It also allows them to fly backwards.

Body Tint, Colouring, and Marking

Zuothis are bright-feathered birds, coming in a wide variety of colours. All zuothis have at least two distinct colours to them, though most have at least three. Typically, these colours are divided on their heads, bodies, and wings. If a zuothis has two colours, its head and wing tips are one colour and the rest of its body is another. If a zuothis has four, the wings and wing tips are two different colours, as well as the head and the body. Five-coloured zuothis are rare, but the fifth colour will be on the zuothis' back. Occassionally, a zuothis will be born with a mutation that causes them to be "speckled", with their different colours scattered randomly across each individual feather, rather than in cohesive groups.
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10 years
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2 feet
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