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Umbrum, also called nightiron or shadowiron, is a very rare and special metal because of its strange affinity with black magic. From this material were made the most infamous weapons that had ever threatened Eridania, such as Eclipse, the legendary sword of Lady Dark.


Material Characteristics

Umbrum is a black metal, opaque in its raw form. Once purified and melted, it becomes reflective, though not transparent, resembling polished obsidian.

Physical & Chemical Properties

In addition to the already spoken black color characteristic of the material, it is also noted that it is very cold to the touch, being able to cause very serious burns if not handled properly. Another very important point is the extraordinary lightness of the metal, being lighter than silver, but still very resistant.


Despite many attempts, none Eridanian scholar has ever been able to find the exact composition of Umbrum, since it is a very unstable material and can also be toxic. However, the stories tell us that it is made of the parts of Esseneos, the Shadow, that were unleashed with his shock against Acenis, the Light, in the Dawn of the Worlds, and spreaded throughout the Universe.

Geology & Geography

Umbrum is especially difficult to be obtained or found because very little of it exists on the surface of the planet, most of which is so deeply buried that it is inaccessible. One of the places that has the largest and most accessible reserve of umbrum is Ancalys, which has created the myth that the metal is attracted by the forces of darkness.

Life & Expiration

Before going through the necessary process (full of complex incantations) to become an ingot that can be used in the forging of some object or weapon, umbrum is a very dangerous and unstable material, releasing toxic gases and could even become acidic or explosive, depending on the way it is handled. The ritual necessary to make it usable is known only to the League of Darkness.   However, once the material is completely purified and controlled, it never loses its properties. For example, swords made of umbrum never lose their sharpness, strength or shine, and are even deadlier than the material in its raw form.

History & Usage


The umbrum appears in the Eridanian legends long before the Council was founded, being a material associated with stories of pirates and monsters, but it only gained that name much later. It was first cataloged in the year 1234 AG by the scholar Arthias Shade, a Master Forger of the Royal Academy, who obtained a dagger made of the mysterious material and realized that it was not known or properly registered.   He did a long study of the material but was never able to figure out the correct method to melt it. He gave it the name of umbrum because of a word of some language from the planet Earth (at that time it was connected with Eridania through an interdimensional hallway) and that was associated with shadows, because the material acted strangely well with black magic and also because of its exotic color.

Everyday use

The umbrum is mainly used in the creation of weapons for the League, but reports say that it is also the material of which are made the gates of Tharonyr, the capital of Ancalys. The dark throne of Lady Dark would also be made of the same material.


Trade & Market

The umbrum is a very rare material to be found, besides its use or commerce is totally prohibited by the Council. However, part of what is mined in the Ancalys mines ends up coming to the black market of Eridania, through trade with pirates.
Ten thousand gold coins per gram (on the black market)
Common State
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