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Northern Wildwood

Tucked away west of the Crestfallen Mountains, mighty oaks and elms provide for the residences of the untamed wilds. Aside from the lumber trade and resource-rich mines, the Northern Wildwood offers danger abound and remains sparsely populated and largely unexplored by civilized society. The deeper one travels into the Northern Wildwood, the more prominent the influence of the former ruler of its branches, the Mad Druid King.
Stretching from the shadows of the Crestfallen mountain to the Tonarian Ocean, the Northern Wildwood borders the Krovian Empire to the north and the Desolation to the south. Settlements in the region are found at the forest’s edge as residents are unwilling to travel deep into the boughs of a forest twisted by the deceased Druid King.   Life in the Northern Wildwood is difficult and often violently cut short by wondrous and frightening creatures as the law of the wild rules all. This respect for the wilderness has mostly replaced religion in the area. Nonetheless, lip service to numerous deities is common with tendencies for older faiths.   Whispers of ancient elf ruins reclaimed as vampiric cathedrals lost to time are a common campfire discussion. Adding fuel to the fire is the recent revelation that a prominent wereraven flock, skilled at blending into society, has grown in strength in the small city of Hestimus. Paranoia grips the region and distrust of strangers is common. This mistrust lingers until newcomers prove themselves untainted by the light of a full moon or show a large amount of coin.


Before the Great Sacrifice, the Ancient Elf kingdom, Xil'vari, called the Northern Wildwood home. Following Erenel's reawakening, the ancient kingdom seemingly vanished and in its place, a powerful Elatan known as the Druid King rose to power. With the aid of his druidic council, the Order of Five Roses, the Druid King expelled those deemed harmful to the wilds, closing the forest's borders and directly opposing any who sought to harvest its natural wonders.   Alone and unbeknownst to his druidic council, the Druid King was ill-prepared for the arrival of Sebastian Vaneras, the First Vampire, succumbing to the vampire's corrupting influence. Disgraced to nothing more than a vampiric pawn, the Druid King slipped into madness, twisting the Northern Wildwood in Vaneras's image. Watching the destruction of their home, the Order of Five Roses were forced to turn on their beloved king, allying with a human rebellion led by the charismatic Aglarion Bernick. After a short and bloody war won by the rebellion, Aglarion Bernick was crowned, forming the city that bears his name.

Broken Tusk Clan of Ka'Morak

Until recently, the legendary Orc Chieftain Graaer Deathbrand led the Broken Tusk clan. On his deathbed, Chieftain Graaer would reveal that Orcs were not the creation of Erenel's creator, Al'Madoon, the Architect. Instead, the first Erenel Orcs crash-landed a civilian transport spaceship near current-day Valor's Endland shortly after the Great Sacrifice. While Chieftain Deathbrand believed the Great Sacrifice caused the ship's malfunction, he could not be certain.   Thanks to Deathbrand's revelation, current-day Erenel Orcs face difficult decisions that have begun to splinter smaller clans and form new alliances amongst the populace.
by Dean Spencer
  Two would-be Broken Tusk chieftains have emerged, dividing the clan. The shaman, Anakros White Tusk, and those following him are Deathbrand believers. They look to the stars and wonder if they'll one day return to the planet Or'nn. The berserker, Evisana Ragesmith, and her followers believe Deathbrand to be a misguided fool. They look to further their territory in their true homeland - the Northern Wildwood.
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by Dean Spencer

Adventure Ideas

Adventurers in the Northern Wildwood could involve defeating the local threats or simply surviving the harsh environment.
  • The Orc berserker, Evisana Ragesmith, and her followers look to expand their territory. Pushing toward Bernick and the knights of the Five Roses is difficult, but moving south toward the ill-equipped Port Altran could benefit the berserker's war efforts.
  • Remnants of the first vampire remain as a tree of blight has risen from the wooden stake used to kill Sebastian Vaneras. As the decaying fruit falls from the tree of blight, corrupt thralls threaten the Aves of Zeffari.
  • Lumberjacks for Bernick's carpenter's guild have attracted the animosity of a woodland dryad intent on stopping the attack on her grove.
  • The Lovani gypsies led by Madam Esma have taken an interest in the Etherveil Lake outside Hestimus. Hestimus's residents believe it may have something to do with a wereraven wanderer found dead in the alley behind a prominent tavern.

  • Sebastian Vaneras, the First Vampire
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