Sebastian Vaneras, the First Vampire

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Before the Great Sacrifice, when the Fallen Elf ruled over Erenel with an iron fist, a powerful and loyal sorcerer pledged service and quickly rose in status. Known for his dark and sadistic nature, followers of Vyse dared whisper the name Sebastian Vaneras, for they did not wish to attract his gaze. In time, only the Scarlet Walker held a higher status in Vyse's court. While the Scarlet Walker pursued Hematurgy magic, Sebastian Vaneras became enthralled by experimenting on flesh.   Following the Great Sacrifice, Vyse reached out from the Below to bring his court and loyal followers with him. The Scarlet Walker willingly accepted the fall without hesitation. However, Sebastian Vaneras did not. Seeing his once-loyal followers' rejection, Vyse cursed Sebastian ripping away the life essence in his blood and leaving him hollow.   --   Sebastian Vaneras was left on Erenel, having avoided his master's fate. What remained was not the dark, beautiful elf but a twisted undead husk hungering for the same blood and flesh that had haunted his mind before. He could feel his life essence missing and was left unholy.   To sustain himself, Sebastian was forced to feed on the blood of other creatures. Adding to his torment, it burned and tore at his skin when the sun rose, forcing him into the darkness. Forced to travel at night, Sebastian found his way into an overgrown, dense forest, where mighty trees rose high, devouring the light and providing comfort. It was here he stayed, constructing a dark spire hidden away from civilization.   Centuries passed before Sebastian truly accepted what he had become and how to properly use his new "talents." Feeding upon intelligent creatures would provide a more potent life essence. Also, if Sebastian fed too hungrily and killed the creature, it would rise as a dark spawn, twisted and soulless. This new type of experimentation fascinated the scholar's side of his mind.   What creatures could he call back from death? Could he form his own army? Could he spread this darkness and reclaim Erenel to be as it was before Al'Madoon stole it? With these questions, Sebastian set out to create more unholy spawns.   --   Returning to his dark spire, he was both surprised and delighted to find an Aves nest had been established close by. Unfortunately for the Zeffari nest, their community would be ravaged by the bloodthirsty Vampire as loved ones returned during the night as dark spawns attempting to drain the life of neighbors and family members.   Yet, Sebastian Vaneras did not expect Zeffari to be such a resilient and intelligent nest. Powerful spellcasters by nature, Flock Leader Aratil followed Sebastian back to his Spire, avoiding the many traps and nightmare creatures awaiting to protect their vampire lord as he slept.   While Sebastian lay in his resting place of choice, a grave dug into the dirt of the Northern Wildwood, Aratil struck. The Flock Leader drove a long wooden stake into the heart of Sebastian, both ending the life of the vampire lord and freeing dark spawn close enough to hear Sebastian's cries. As Aratil left the dark spire, he tethered into the bond, shrouding the resting place and hiding Sebastian's grave forever.   --   Unbeknownst to Aratil and the Zeffari, the wooden stake protruding from Sebastian's heart was embedded deep into the soil. Necromantic blood seeping from the Vampire Lord's wound would nourish the wooden stake that began to sprout roots. A Tree of Blight rose from Sebastian's corpse, forcing itself out of the spire and into the Northern Wildwood. Hidden by the shroud placed upon Artail, the Tree of Blight flourished and has now reached maturity plunging the area into darkness again.


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