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Whiskey John Metzen

Whiskey John Metzen was born and raised in the frontier town of Small Burrow. A renowned sharpshooter, the Aves earned his nickname from his love of sipping aged whiskey and sharing legendary tales of his adventures as a member of Brimstone, magically trained monster slayers for hire.
As is typical with Aves naming traditions, Whiskey John Metzen was named after the Rashemi John Metzen, a successful adventurer and poet who traveled the Crestfallen Mountains during the early 500s EoIF. After the unfortunate loss of Whiskey John’s nest at a young age, John and his father moved to Small Burrow on the edge of the Northern Wildwood. A skilled hunter and trapper, John was taught to be resourceful, self-reliant, and shoot with deadly accuracy.   This skill with firearms caught the attention of the controversial Brimstone, a faction of magic-wielding sharpshooters and bounty hunters trained to engrave runic markings, known as Utterance, on their bullets and bodies. With his trusty six-shooter “Smoke,” Whiskey John brought justice to the surrounding area, hunting down bandit organizations and dangerous creatures that threatened innocent folk who could pay his fee.   However, despite the often rancorous work, he held onto his sense of compassion, eventually retiring from the Brimstone in hopes of escaping its stigmata.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Whiskey John Metzen carries "Smoke," a pepperbox revolver. Smoke is engraved with an Axiom of the Utterance, an ancient magical language used by the Architects that predates Erenel's bond and the eight schools of Magic.

Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

Whiskey John comes off a bit rough around the edges to strangers, but aside from ill-timed jokes, he holds onto a sense of honor and duty to the people of Small Burrow.
Current Location
Year of Birth
583 EoIF 47 Years old
Current Residence
Small Burrow
4.5 feet
78 lbs
Aligned Organization


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I don't know why, but now I love the concept of a bird gunslinger.

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