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I am Rashemi. Sailors and swashbucklers from the land west of Azure Bay, my people laugh in the face of danger. We are a hot blooded group full of revelry and zest. To be Rashemi is to value adventure and exploration! We take to the seas with not only a falchion but a quill and ink. If a story is to be told then I will be the one to write it!
  To be Rashemi is to embrace adventure. Arguably the greatest human sailors in the world, Rashemi value not only quickness of reflex for sailing and warfare but quick wit. Literature and philosophy are treasured with playwright, song, and poetry taking center stage, as the Rashemi treat performance with the same lust as they do everything else.   Rashemi are typically olive skinned with eyes of hazel or brown. However some Rashemi are fair skinned with blonde and light brown hair. These Rashemi typically come from the union of the adventurous Rashemi and the Caelian of the north.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Abella, Camila, Esmerelda, Isabel, Nilda, Rosario, Tomasa

Masculine names

Alfonso, Benito, Damian, Gabriel, Jayme, Ramon, Valeriano

Family names

Astorio, Calabra, Domine, Falone, Marivaldi, Pisacar, Ramondo


Culture and cultural heritage

Trade routes established by sea travel provide a booming economy of imports and exports. This economic rise lead the Rashemi to establish powerful noble homes backed by commerce. Nobles are generally powerful merchants who hire mercenaries to protect their fortunes and further their families standing in the region.   Wars are waged not only with sword and shield but with trade agreements and monetary loans. Being able to expertly navigate a noble’s dinner party is a valuable talent.

Shared customary codes and values

Oratory culture is valued with reading, writing, and music providing artistic outlet. Morality, ethics, and philosophy all exist in poetry and can be taught through the arts.   Rashemi philosophers are highly regarded and respected for their insight. Many famous philosophers can be found traveling across the Tonarian Grasslands debating and teaching the use of logic, dialect, and analysis to discover the truth. It should be noted that their teachings often end in a poetry reading or song.

Common Dress code

The need for expression is shown in fashion. Rashemi dress flamboyantly with rich embroideries of gold and silver thread or jewels interwoven in garments are a common sight with nobles.   Sleeveless jackets, much like a waistcoat or vest is also common. Women who are looking for courtship will wear a flower in their hair or behind their ear as an invitation for advances.

Art & Architecture

Metal work including jewelry and lavish belt buckles invoke the Rashemi wealth and lifestyle. Paintings may stretch a canvas or an entire wall with bright and bold color schemes.
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