Tonarian Grasslands

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Wolves and the lot, we can handle 'em. We had goblins year before last. The Krovian Empire took care of them. But these bandits. They're smart and well supplied. I hear they got mages and priests and I think that's only the tip of the spear. They're not testing me and mine. No, they're testing Krov. Seein' how the Golden Throne will react. I reckon they'll hit 'em back hard. Got to teach 'em who rules here. - Willem the Farmer
  The continent Tonarian's vast heartland, framed by the Crestfallen Mountains, Azure Bay, and the Mistwood Timberlands, contain miles and miles of rolling hills, vast prairies, clear blue rivers, and fertile farmlands. Within these plains, the Rashemi people of the realm tend to their fields and businesses, while the Krovian Empire battle back the wild beasts and wandering bandit lords looking to prey on society. Roadways cut across the endless plains, connecting the coasts and bringing caravans with fresh trade to the adventurous and industrious pioneers of the Tonarian Grasslands.


Endless fields of wind-swept, sun-lit grasses accompany affording traders and travelers following roadways connecting the many civilizations protected under the Krovian Empire. Traveling past farmlands is common, and escort either by armed guard or mercenary is important, as the essential use of roadways has also made it a prime target for outlaws, savage races and roaming beasts.

Fauna & Flora

Arrow Root

This unusually elongated plant can stand up to four feet tall, and is easy to spot due to its distinctive white and brown speckled pattern. Typically found during drought as the plant needs little water to survive, the Arrow Root is boiled in water to create a frothy silver liquid. This silver liquid is ideal for sharpening and polishing weapons and armor. Arrow Root is extremely popular by the Krovian Empire Army in times of peace.  

Drakus Flower

This bright red and pale green flower is a favorite among entertainers due to the petal's ability to ignite with a moderate application of friction. This ignition does not cause harm, but instead creates theatrical sparks with the ability to light fires or excite audiences.  

Lavender Sprig

This long stemmed purple petal flower can often be found swaying in the wind with a distinct sweet smell. However, they taste extremely bitter when eaten and are more commonly used as an incense.  

Tail Leaf

This fuzzy, dark green leaf looks like a circle with three thick strands hanging from it. When held, the leaf itself feels as though it is vibrating. It is known that skilled herbalists can use these rare leaves in concoctions to enhance ones speed. Many farmers will pluck and chew a Tail Leaf during times of harvest for the enhancement although it is not recommended.
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