King Marivaldi Dominus III

There is no dust of the hourglass in the blood of our people. No marks of weariness upon our faces. As was before and for generations to come, the Crown of Tonarian will illuminate prosperity for all citizens of the empire.
  Blessed and cursed to be the son of the late Queen Isabel Dominus, Marivaldi has spent his life clawing out from behind the great shadow cast by his popular mother. Much of what Marivaldi enjoys today is thanks to Isabel, including the political maneuvering to expand the monarchical powers of the Golden Throne. Marivaldi holds on to these powers with an iron fist and is known to shame any magistrate, warden, or noble brave enough to challenge his authority.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Marivaldi is one of the few Rashemi men not to have any facial hair and stays cleanly shaven to honor the dying wish of his mother. Isabel would preach on the importance of respecting the Golden Throne, and the two would often discuss how disgusting Caelian beards look.   Those closest to the King know this is all a lie and he shaves because his facial hair grows in patchy and unattractive.

Apparel & Accessories

King Marivaldi wears a crimson band on his right wrist which he never removes. The band is magically enchanted to protect Marivaldi from any type of Divination magic such as scrying.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Marivaldi Dominus was crowned King of the Krovian Empire after his mothers death in 613 EoBO.

Intellectual Characteristics

Groomed since birth to be King, Marivaldi has benefited greatly as both a child and adult from the teachings of the Royal College. Both extremely intelligent and highly suspicious, Marivaldi continues his education to the point of being over prepared for meetings with his Magistrates and the Seven Great Houses.   Nothing excites Marivaldi more than pitting allies and enemies against each other. He believes if they fight amongst themselves, they will not have time to aspire for his crown.


Religious Views

Marivaldi, a life long learner, personally follows Oriax, the Willow's Eye and when not sitting on the Golden Throne is most often found in an expansive library connected to his personal chambers.   However, Marivaldi understands that like most of the intelligent races of Erenel, the Krovian Empire follows in the Light and True Law of Rezmir. Marivaldi frequents the church of Rezmir and adheres to both Piercing the Veil and Week of Atonement holidays.

Social Aptitude

Naturally charismatic, Marivaldi enjoys speaking to the respectable people of Krov from the Virinum Amphitheater in Crest Ward. Hearing the cheers of his people generally puts Marivaldi in an excellent mood. So much so that for the week following a speech, nobles will clamor to earn his approval with lavish gifts in the hopes of earning his favor.


Marivaldi speaks slowly with purpose.


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Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of the Krovian Empire
Year of Birth
569 EoBO 57 Years old
Krov, Crown of Tonarian
Current Residence
Krov, Crown of Tonarian
Light Brown
Light Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Olive Skinned

Cover image: by Martin Holmberg
Character Portrait image: by Jamin Lin


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