Krovian Empire

The Krovian Empire's reign of central Tonarian and its absolute hold on vital trade routes has swelled the empire to one of, if not the largest, governments on Erenel. Like an ever-shifting maze of corruption, the Krovian Empires' network of magistrates, wardens and nobles all answer to the supreme political power, King Marivaldi Dominus.   Considering itself the founding seat of civilization, the Krovian Empire lives the idea of being the world's beating heart. Thanks to the adventurous spirit of the Rashemi people and prime travel routes to other aspiring nations, Krovians travel across Erenel only to return home to a thriving heartland.

Lands of the Krovian Empire

Emboldened by human ambition, the Krovian Empire encompasses the entirety of the Tonarian Grasslands reaching north to the war fields and gulf of storms, to the southern border of the crestfallen mountains and wildwoods.   The following cities are under the protection of the Krovian Empire and are represented in lawmaking by one of the nobles of the Seven Great Houses.


The government of Krov is comprised of differing branches, each with a unique influence. The monarchs of Krov must share power with strict government entities that have been around since the founding of the Monarchy.


At the top of political power sits King Marivaldi Dominus III, son of the late Queen Isabel Dominus. King Dominus III enjoys monarchical powers thanks to political maneuvering by his powerful and famous mother. Declarations made by King Dominus III from atop the Golden Throne become law almost by default. However, Wardens retain the ability to counter anything brash or foolish that violates the Empires Charter.   One representative from each of the Seven Great Houses sits on an advisory council known as the Court of the Golden Throne. The king cannot dismiss the Court of the Golden Throne as politics dictate that he at least listens to arguments presented by the Seven Great Houses. Each family of the Seven Great Houses own substantial land and look after settlements under the empire’s banner for the king.

King Dominus III

Living in the keep with the king and his adopted daughter, Cathryn Dominus, is a powerful figurehead and commander of the Golden Claw known as The Voice. The Voice is considered the second most influential individual in the city and is the only one who can begin the process of removing a corrupt monarch. Calling the Golden Claw to evict a monarch places the Court of the Golden Throne in much higher standing than the king would care to admit. This act has never been executed in the over 500 years of its existence.


Because the king cannot regulate every aspect of the city, nor does he want to, a set of magistrates divide responsibilities. When a new king or queen takes the Golden Throne, they can choose to appoint new or retain previous magistrates. The most well-known magistrate is the Magistrate of Commerce.
Alexander Cicato, Magistrate of Commerce.
The most hated magistrate and person in Krov is the tax collector. The Magistrate of Commerce oversees collecting taxes and regulating city fees while working with the Krovian Army to break unionization.


Authoritative judges in the empire, Wardens have legislative oversight. Any declarations made by the king must first face review from the Wardens, who vote on its legality regarding the Empire’s Charter. Twenty Wardens must examine the decree to amend the charter, and sixteen of them must accept it to become law. If the Wardens review and reject, one of the Wardens who voted against the decree must advise the king on what must be done to make it more acceptable.   The main task of Wardens is to try criminal cases and settle civil disputes. For most crimes and all civil conflicts, a single Warden will oversee the proceedings; however, it is not uncommon to see multiple Wardens present in significant cases.   All Krovian cities will have a minimum of one Warden living on location for every 5,000 Krovians.



Language in the Krovian Empire can be split into halves. To the north, along the Tonarian Ocean and South West of the War Fields, Krovians tend to speak Gurn. Nobles in the north speak Gurn but are well versed in Igrati, the romance language and most spoken language in communities to the south.   Krovians who speak Gurn are disrespectfully viewed by southern krovians as lowborn with barbaric tendencies. This comes from a Krovians hate of the Caelian people and the Warlords Alliance of the Northlands.


A language caught between two cultures. Gurn has evolved from a mix of Igrati and Narn and is commonly spoke in the War Fields. Here, the Rashemi and Caelian dialects collide uniquely. Aspects of the romance language mixed with the harsh and sonorous complexity of Narn make Gurn a popular choice for Bards interested in performing chants.


The language of the Krovian Empire, Igrati, is often referred to as the romance language. Rich with poetry, scholarly writing, and history, having a conversation in Igrati is similar to a dance, thanks to the dialect's enormous vocabulary.

Trade & Transport

Fairly well populated with numerous farming towns and trading centers, cities in the Krovian Empire benefit from access to roadways and the might of the Golden Claw army patrolling the grasslands on the backs of griffons. Exporting and importing goods from multiple port cities under the empire is easily accessible and protected by Krovian warships.   These benefits have guided Krovians to prosperity while ushering a growing resentment toward poorer Krovians deemed “lazy” and unwilling to work with the opportunities provided. Conversation at noble balls often evolves into the dispute that anyone can become a noble if they work hard enough, but who has increased their status the most this season?
Founding Date
113 EoIF
Geopolitical, Empire
Training Level
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Official State Religion
Neighboring Nations
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Crimes and Punishment

Punishment for violent crimes in the Krovian Empire is harsh, but the general populace consider them fair. Non-violent crimes carry differing punishments depending on reputation of the criminal. Branding the criminal is a popular punishment leaving markings under the criminals left eye.   The following selections of crimes and their punishments should not be considered all-inclusive as the legal system is ever changing.   Accidental Death: Pay restitution or torture and imprisonment for 5-10 years   Arson: Pay restitution or branding, imprisonment for 5-10 years and murder charge if fire kills   Murder: Torture and death   Robbery: Pay restitution or branding and imprisonment for 2-5 years   Treason: Torture and death   Unionizing: Branding and imprisonment for 5-10 years
by Dean Spencer

Krovian Coin

The Bank of Numis mints unique Krovian coins used throughout Erenel. Many establishments will only take coins minted by the Bank of Numis but do offer ways to convert currency into legal tender.   Copper Pinch: Usually referred to as simply a pinch for both the plural and singular form. Calling multiple copper coins "pinches" will bring about laughter from the citizens.   Silver Anchor: Referred to as the Anchor due to it being the most commonly used coin in Krov.   Gold Crown: Occasionally referred to as simply a crown.   Platinum Denar: Always called by its full name mainly due to nobles possessing them and wanting to draw attention to their purchase.

Golden Claw

The Golden Claw are elite members of the Krovian Army, distinguished by their winged helmets. Only after a Krovian Guard performs a great service to the empire and successfully trains a griffon at the behest of the Voice can they join the ranks of the Golden Claw.   Griffons are the adopted sigil and beast of the Krovian Empire. Considered members of the Golden Claw, Griffons receive equal medical attention when injured in battle. They are awarded an honorary burial in the Golden Claw’s catacombs upon their death.

Representatives of the Seven Great Houses

House Ambrose

Victor Ambrose
Represents: Azure's Edge, Lycan's Rest   Likes: Continuing with the status quo and making changes slowly.
Dislikes: Compromises that show a clear sign of weakness.   Secret: Victor serves King Dominus by protecting the Krovian Empire from the Banditlands south of Rift Reach Forest. For years, Victor’s peers have questioned how Victor has not claimed victory over the threat. It is believed Victor has struck a deal with one of the three bandit lords and continues to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

House Bentono

Illiard Bentono
Represents: Ampetrios, Dorogard   Likes: The Illuminated Church and the power of redemption found in the light.
Dislikes: Talks of the Primal Deities attempting to assert themselves over the deities of light.   Secret: The Bentono lineage can be traced back to the first days of the Krovian Empire. As paladins of the Illuminated Church, the first Bentono founded a church that still stands in present-day Dorogard. Illiard lives to protect Krovians from traces of the Below and is known to commit flagellation when failing to do so.

House Clement

Nicholi Clement
Represents: Cadocia, Davensford   Likes: Displays of strength over word gymnastics.
Dislikes: Physical weakness in able-bodied Krovians. Only children and the elderly have an excuse to rest.   Secret: It is believed the Clement family lineage and their Rashemi bloodline have mixed with Caelian blood. If the rumors are true and proof can be brought to King Dominus, House Clement would be stripped of their status, and a new family would have the opportunity to join the seven great houses. Luckily, House Clement represents Krovians far from the capital city Krov.

House Crimrose

Sabrina Crimrose
Represents: Phaedras, Syrtavezi   Likes: Those interested in the fundamentals of ancient magic.
Dislikes: Anyone who dismisses the importance of magical prowess in all things.   Secret: Sabrina has little interest in the people she rules and is much more interested in the benefits of her territory. Being so close to Bernick and their emerging kingdom allows the Crimroses to quietly hold importance in multiple domains.

House Durstig

Amrin Durstig
Represents: Gull Point, Vissari   Likes: Discussion of trade policies and trade opportunities with other nations. Dislikes: Hearing about families, including small talk about members of his own house.   Secret: Born to the sea, Amrin Durstig would much rather be on a ship sailing the Azure Bay than discussing policy. Unbeknownst to King Dominus, Amrin almost fled to the Crimson Shores to become a Vice Pirate Lord, only to be captured and imprisoned by his wife, Varina, before leaving. He remains detained as Varina disguises herself as her husband and attends all necessary functions.

House Leclair

Tanasha Leclair
Represents: Calvae Crossroads   Likes: Supporting caravans importing goods from outside of the empire.
Dislikes: Public aggression when it is unwarranted.   Secret: Being the only house to look after one city would bother most nobles but not the cordial Tanasha Leclair. Typically seen with a smile on her face, Tanasha refuses to raise her voice and has become a proponent of peace. Even so, House Leclair lacks allies and hushed rumors spread by merchants who frequent the crossroads speak of unfiltered rage behind closed doors.

House Vernistat

Fraz Vernistat
Represents: Val'dore, Veluna   Likes: Discussing the achievements of his lineage and war strategies.
Dislikes: Talk of power being stripped from true Krovian bloodlines.   Secret: Holding the Krovian Empire's defensive position opposite the War Fields, Fraz Vernistat is a brilliant tactician and potent political ally.   After peace was struck between King Dominus and the Warlord's Alliance, ending the latest Caelian/Rashemi war, Fraz has turned to the bottle and seeks a means to resume the war without claiming responsibility.

Varina Durstig

by Dean Spencer


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