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Founded by four powerful Wizards in the Tonarian Grasslands, the Royal College is meant to both help train the next generation of magic users and continue furthering the understanding of the magical arts. Within the hallowed halls of the Royal College, students discover every form of magic, from simple cantrips, to powerful rituals and ancient relics of wonder.   While arcane magic is certainly the focus of the Royal College, divine magic has since its founding, been a part of its proud heritage. There is no one place in all the known realms that covers such a wide variety of tethering disciplines within a single institution. This gives the students of the college a distinct advantage over those who study the art of tethering elsewhere. There is a wide range of spells available to students, as well as direct access to master practitioners able to teach their secrets to willing students.   Many travel to the Royal College during their adventures in search of knowledge or aid. The Library of the Royal College is extensive with thousands of tomes and historical scrolls, while the School of Artificers can provide magical arms and armor, for the right price. The Archchancellor and the faculty are busy individuals, but they have been known to fund bold adventureres in search of lost magical artifacts.  

College of the Four

The four founding wizards are represented by the four houses in the Royal College. Upon arrival, students face placements and are sent to one of the four houses. The house provides more than just food and board for students studying at the college. Each house is an extended family, where students form bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.   Each house takes up several levels in one of the wings of the Scarthey Castle where a House Matron or House Master presides over the house. Each house is unique and takes on the personality of the house founder.  

House Anima

House Master: Norn Semple
Motto: "From One, Many"
Values: Science, Society   House Anima far outpaces the other houses academically. Generally, the brightest and most promising students come to House Anima and take little if any supervision from the House Master. The house occupies the southern wing bordering on the forests edge.

House Ignitus

House Master: Donar Wuten
Motto: "Seize Life"
Values: Fame, Passion   House Ignitus has a strong and illustrious military history thanks to its Flame Draconic founder. Although the house no longer maintains ties with any militia, its strict discipline and ruthless drive for success makes the house one to be recokoned with. The house occupies the eastern wing and shares a close proximity to the dining hall and House Terra.

House Terra

House Master: Kusor Praesidium
Motto: "Stand Firm"
Values: Justice, Resolve   It would be easy to dismiss the house as "average" but the student's determination stands as a testament to what is achievable through perseverance even when lacking talent. The house occupies the northern wing of the castle, making it closest to the dining hall. Because of its location, House Terra is said to have a large number of dwarven students within its ranks.

House Tritonis

House Master: Volos Mitra
Motto: "Find a Way"
Values: Determination, Free Thought   Since its founding, House Tritonis has excelled particularly in academics and marine research. The house occupies the western wing of the castle, with easy access to the Bay below. A popular house legend talks about the weeping maiden of the bay who searches for her lost lover.

Schools of Magic

Royal College faculty strive to instruct students in the eight classic schools of magic, two new schools and many smaller classes. Each school is entrusted to a professor that preside over a school with several deans under the guidance of the professor. The structure of each school is fluid, shrinking and expanding with the needs of the student body.   The following schools are available to students:
  • School of Abjuration, classic
  • School of Artificer, new school
  • School of Blood Magic, currently closed
  • School of Conjuration, classic
  • School of Divination, classic
  • School of Enchantment, classic
  • School of Evocation, classic
  • Subschool of Healing
  • School of Illusion, classic
  • School of Necromancy, currently closed
  • School of Rhyme and Verse, new school
  • School of Transmutation, classic
  • School of War Magic, new school

Purpose / Function

Anyone wishing to study the art of tethering can enroll at the Royal College if they can afford the admissions or are sponsored by a professor. Many different variations of spellcasters including but not limited to Wizards, Clerics, Druids and Paladins fill the lecture halls.   Students who are not interested in magic are far less common but can be found within the Explorers Guild; a society of adventurers, tome collectors and peacekeepers.  

University Grounds

The Royal College


The College of the Four has grown since its inception to encompass much of the rocky landscape above Isabel's Allure forest. University grounds are surrounded on all four sides by a mountain range and float atop the magically made island and water mass known as Ardmore Bay.   Accessible only via a retractable causeway that spans across Ardmore Bay, the entrance to the Royal College is an imposing stone tower. Statues of the four founders look down from arched recesses on those passing through the iron gates.
Alternative Names
College of the Four
College / Academy
Parent Location


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