I am Caelian, from the north. A land of ice and deep woods. My homeland is brutal but so am I.
Barbarians by definition, Caelin are wirespread in the Arctic northwest of Erenel. Raiders and natural sailors, Caelin sail the Tonarian Ocean and the Frigid North in search of new settlements to plunder. Valuing strength, bravery and an honorable end to their life, all Caelian look to better their Wyrd for the next generation.   Caelin are tall, fair-skinned folk with blue or steely gray eyes. Most have raven-black hair, but those who inhabit the extreme northwest have blond, red, or light brown hair.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Aina, Birgit, Elsha, Idelisa, Nareena, Rowena, Ula

Masculine names

Anghus, Caradoc, Duer, Galvyn, Kayne, Maccus, Reaghan

Family names

Dawnrunner, Eartshaker, Hellseeker, Hornraven, Oakhammer, Windrider


Major language groups and dialects

  • Baytur: Idiot
  • Hobble: Steal
  • Lasher: Attractive
  • Throw a rabie: Get very angry

Culture and cultural heritage

All Caelian believe in the Wyrd, a concept corresponding to fate or personal destiny. Wyrd encompasses the total of one's individual actions and choices, as well as whatever destiny may have been predetermined after their birth.   Caelian believe their Wyrd can be inherited from one's ancestors and passed on to one's descendants for good or for ill. It is both luck and obligation. A person has some ability to better his or her personal Wyrd through right and honorable action; conversely, Wyrd can be worsened through the opposite: unlawful or dishonorable action, breaking one’s word, and showing disrespect to the ancestors. Luck flows directly from one’s wyrd.

Shared customary codes and values

Caelian are a tribal culture most concerned with conquest and colonization. Other intelligent races in the North West must prepare for the inevitable Caelian raid on their settlement.

Common Dress code

Clothing consists of fur and tanned hides. Charms and jewelry showing which tribe they belong to and showcasing victorious hunts.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Caelian society is traditionally made up of kin groups known as clans, each with its own territory and headed by a Jarl. Succession to the Jarl is through tanistry. When the leader becomes Jarl, a relative is elected to be his tanist. When the Jarl dies, the tanist automatically succeeds.


Beauty Ideals

The characteristics valued are those that show experience in combat and strength. Soft features are not considered attractive and show a weak bloodline.   Men and women with the most scars are considered the most attractive mates.

Gender Ideals

Men and women are expected to share the same duties and to maintain peak physical health.   Both sexes are responsible for gathering, hunting, protecting the tribe and parenting small ones.

Courtship Ideals

Before a union is made in the eyes of the clan, the couple must sucessfully hunt a dangerous beast together and share both meat, fur and bone with the clan.   After a unionship is formed, only by performing a solo hunt against the same species of beast and sharing the spoils will allow one of the partners to break their bond.
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1 Nov, 2018 20:51

Greetings, I liked your Caelian, but would like to know... If scars are considered an attractive, some could scar themselves in order to bolster appearance, right? :)

1 Nov, 2018 21:22

That is a good point and could lead to an interesting story! Maybe someone scars themself until the clan discovers the scars didn't come from a hunt or honorable battle and the individual is shunned hurting their Wyrd.

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