Deep within the Northern Wildwood where towering Oak and Elm treetops stretch their limbs constricting light, a small Aves nest hides from the outside world. In Zeffari, the simple Aves homes sit atop gargantuan tree branches that stretch above the forest floor.   Residence of Zeffari go to great lengths to hide their community, leaving the nests inhabitants free to explore their love for lore, literature and the arcane arts. Because of this, Zeffari is a settlement that does not need or care to help outsiders. You will likely either walk underneath the Nest unaware or be turned away.


Great Horned Aves 100%


Lead by the Zeffari Flock Leader with assistance by the Flock Elders. Flock Elders are representatives from each major family in the Nest, typically considered the wisest or most powerful in Tethering.


Zeffari is protected by ancestors of the flock who have willingly participated in giving their being under the light of the moon. This magical process is only possible for the most advanced arcane tetherers of Zeffari, bonding with the nest in a way that mimics Al'Madoon bonding with Erenel.   After bonding with the nest, the spirit forms into a spectral wisp which elegantly patrols the outskirts of the nest remaining forever vigilant. At a sign of intrusion, the spectral form may either attack the intruder or operform a loud alarm like sound to warn the nest.

Industry & Trade

Zeffari does not participate in trade and are easily able to live secluded thanks to the magical prowess of the Flock Elders who prodivde for the Nest.


When the blight began to spread and the children of Legend of Sebastian Vaneras, the First Vampire returned, the Zeffari Flock Leaders made the difficult decision to protect their people by performing a powerful teleportation spell and relocate the Nest into the Trance: Plane of Eternal Glade. Since their relocation, limited contact has been made with the Nest by inhabitants in Erenel and it is believed the Zeffari live peacefully in the Trace.
Alternative Name(s)
The Nest
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