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The Elatan, or Forest Walker, are manifestations of Nature’s own self-defense. Emerging to protect the land where catastrophic events have occurred, these botanical humanoids are fiercely territorial and cunning.

Basic Information


Botanical humanoids with pointed ears and slanted eyes, the Elatan resemble walking plants. Their lean and muscular physique is often wrapped with a chaotic assortment of bark, foliage, petals and vines, mimicking skin and hair.   As an Elatan ages, their personality is often reflected by their plantlike features. An Elatan in grief will not show any floral patterns, letting bark and thorns grow. An Elatan happily lounging in the sun may extend floral petals acting as hair or shed pollen when they laugh. Unfortunately for the Elatan, they have no control over their plantlike features allowing others to see their true mood at the time.

Genetics and Reproduction

Elatan do not reproduce. When needed, it is believed Aymara the Foremother sends the Elatan down from the Above to the outskirts of ravaged natural landscapes. Here, a sea of large pods spring forth from the ground, growing into adult Elatan in about a week's time.   When an Elatan emerges, they are free to choose a gender or remain genderless. Even though they do not reproduce, the benefits of shared companionship are not lost to the Elatan. Many form bonds with others during the struggles of revitalizing the purpose of their arrival.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Elatan are omnivores with a deep connection to their meals. Only consuming what is necessary for optimal survival, they are quick to dissuade others from gorging on what is amply provided.   If an Elatan can spend at least 4 hours in direct sunlight, they absorb enough nutrients to avoid eating that day. Most Elatan prefer this method, although others develop a taste for specific fungus below ground.

Additional Information

Social Structure

As they are born from the Foremother, all Elatan consider themselves family. However, their bond may not be as strong amongst individuals, considering many to be no more than distant relatives.   Born to defend the natural beauty of Erenel, Elatan are drawn to a nomadic lifestyle if their current home is free from threat. No Elatan would dream of controlling another, and any ambition of leadership or social hierarchy is lost to their species.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Elatan often name themselves with no prior knowledge of the world before choosing a name. Many change their name every few years to honor life experiences, confusing their allies in the process.
Emergence Names: Boulder, Elk, Petal, Shade, Sunlight, Twig
Life Names: Fallen Blossom, Living Thorn, Night Bloom, Soundless Stalker, Starry Night

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Thanks to their emotions being literally shown on their sleeve, the Elatan are honest and focused, preferring a direct conversation and problem-solving approach. Everything is taken at face value, which may prove difficult for other intelligent races to understand. You always know where you stand with an Elatan, as they tell you directly if they do not like you.   Awakening as adults in a strange new world leaves the Elatan eager to learn. They spend each day searching for new experiences, devouring knowledge as quickly as possible before returning to the soil.
Elatan sprout as adults and can live for about a century before returning to the soil
Average Height
3ft - 6ft
Average Weight
60 - 130 lbs

Silent Stag

Character played by Gold

Elatan Traits

Your Elatan character has a variety of natural abilities common with your ancestry.
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