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The Abyss and the sea creatures

Welcome to the Empire of the Covenant! In this federal empire, tensions are increasing between the Light and Dark political factions. Light Lady Annabelle is the target of the Leader of the Dark faction and in order to gain allies to protect her, she starts Courtship Rituals to make suitors compete for her hand—but then the Dark Lord joins in. Come read about Annabelle's Courtship and her world!
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The Abyss is a deep chasm in the Eastern sea where hordes of gigantic sea creatures live. They often devastate the Eastern coast of the empire.    

The Abyss

  The Abyss is a gigantic area the size of a continent that is located beneath the Eastern sea. At a relatively short distance from the coast, the sea ground abruptly opened into a chasm that reaches unknown depth.  
Anglerfish, by Matt Danko
- All right, listen. I have a plan.

- This ought to be good...
— One merchant to his colleagues

The sea creatures

  In the Abyss live hordes of gigantic sea creatures—at least two dozen different species have been reported. They are extremely aggressive towards each other and infighting is frequent. Their main food source are other sea creatures, however they can also regularly be found near the surface. It has been theorised that those creatures are the weaker ones that have been rejected by their group. They frequently head towards the Eastern coast of the empire to feed on the animals and people there.  
Sea creatures devastated the Eastern coast, by Pixabay
- I just got this new fancy paint from the Steppes people. They use it to hide from all the aggressive magic-sensitive creatures that live in the Steppes.

- Maurice, you absolute idiot! You cannot possible mean—
— One merchant to his colleagues

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Map of the Empire of the Covenant
The Empire of the Covenant is a millennia-old federal empire spread over a whole continent and gathering around 600 independent Estates. Those are ruled by powerful mages, lords and ladies who are the Heads of their Houses and who are linked to the ancestral magic of their Lands. Estates are divided by their affilitation with the Light or Dark political factions.   See Geography, Climate and Demography of the Empire and Political Organisation of the Empire.

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Attempts to fight the sea creatures

Small snack, by AmélieIs with Flickr
Because they have their own magic and they are so massive, the creatures are very difficult to fight, causing a lot of the coast to be left deserted. The Estate of Alyssenne was the most successful in pushing back the creatures thanks to a powerful ritual. However, the clash between the Alyssennes' magic and the sea creatures' own magic led to the Alyssennes losing control of their ritual. As a consequence, the whole region was devastated.   Nowadays, the wildlife there—such as the Alyssenne flowers—is still affected by the magic. This makes the region—now called the Black Forest—extremely dangerous and inhabitable. The sea creatures have attempted to come back to the forest through the river that crosses it, however the Alyssenne flowers love to feed on them and have continued to protect the rest of the Alyssenne Estate.
      After such mixed results, other coordinated attempts have been made by the Eastern lords and ladies of the empire to definitely destroy the sea creatures. Nevertheless, the depth of the Abyss protects them from any magic launched against them from the surface. In addition, such attacks only annoy them and rouse the biggest and most ancient creatures from the depth. Few of those who have attacked them have survived the encounter...  
Upcoming death, by AmélieIS with Pixabay
- No, listen! Don't be so defeatist! This is a perfect plan—if the sea creatures don't notice us, there won't be any problem! There is no big storms or tornadoes in the East and since no one is taking that route, it's an assured enormous profit!

- Where are you even going to find a captain stupid enough to attempt that?

- I already have one—I just had to promise to accompany them on the boat to demonstrate the safety of the paint We're leaving tomorrow. Do you want in on the deal?
— One merchant to his colleagues

Consequences of their existence

Sea Creatures Attack, by Gordon Johnson on Pixabay
Because of the sea creatures, the Eastern sea is closed to trade, and even fishing on the coast is extremely dangerous and only attempted by the most foolhardy.  
A few days later...

- Seems like it won't be today that the Eastern route will be opened after all.

- What a surprise. May Maurice's magic not join that of his House and contaminate them all with his stupidity...
— Two merchants

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