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Geography, Climate and Demography of the Empire

This is an overview of the geography, climate and demography of the Empire of the Covenant.

Geography and climate

The empire

The Empire is spread over a whole continent. As such, the geography and climate vary widely depending on regions. Each Estate of the empire is the equivalent of a country, with their size going from city-states to large countries.

Map of the Empire of the Covenant
The Empire of the Covenant is a millennia-old federal empire spread over a whole continent and gathering around 600 independent Estates. Those are ruled by powerful mages, lords and ladies who are the Heads of their Houses and who are linked to the ancestral magic of their Lands. Estates are divided by their affilitation with the Light or Dark political factions.   See Geography, Climate and Demography of the Empire and Political Organisation of the Empire.

The empire can be divided into three main zones. In the South, the climate is temperate. In the North, the climate is tropical, although some of the coastal regions can be arid. In the middle of the empire, the altitude increases and steppes divide the continent in two. Nomadic tribes live there and are considered to form unorthodox Estates. They are independent from the empire despite their strong political and trading relationships with it. They have their own culture and types of magic.

In the South, an important chain of mountain, the Issone Mountains separates the empire from the Southern Kingdoms. Beyond the mountains, a desert reinforces that isolation. In addition, several volcanoes inside the mountain chain have been known to erupt at opportune moments when invasions were being attempted, thanks to the magic of the Houses of Lyrienne and Alyssenne.

The Beryl lake is a massive lake in the Southern half of the empire whose water is filled with magic. It has several sources, both in the Issone Mountains and in the Haut Plateau. Through the millennia the surrounding Estates have created a variety of more or less artificial rivers coming out of it so as to exploit the water for several industries, in particular agriculture and crafting.

The Beryl Lake, by AmélieIS with Piqsels

Table of Contents

General information

Geopolitical, Empire

Founding Date
Several millennia ago
Foundation divides the timelines in two periods

Arianie, in the Estate of Arianie

Government System

Power Structure

Number of Estates
Around 600

Legislative Body
The senate

Leader of the government: Lord Consul Gervaise Cracinesse
Leader of the senate: Lord-Consul Xénophène Ylucianie

Main political partis
The Light and the Dark faction

Neighbour countries
The Northern Islands
The Southern Kingdoms
The Eastern Islands

Main languages
The Northern and Southern dialects Previously Arianian in the North

Ancestor worship

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The seas

A photo of a tornado getting near a small island covered with trees
The beginning of a magical storm forming above the Western Seas by Espen Bierud on Unsplash

The weather over the Western Sea is violent and unpredictable, and the West coast of the empire is regularly hit by cyclones and typhoons. Most of the Estates located on the coast have had to develop weather magic to face this threat. The House of Lyrienne in particular are renowned for theirs and their habit to redirect those dangerous weather events towards their enemies.

In the Eastern Sea, a deep chasm called the Abyss the length of the continent spreads from North to South. Gigantic sea creatures live there, and they can be found everywhere in that sea, making navigation there challenging and reserved for the most foolhardy. In addition, those creatures also regularly attack the coast. Coastal Estates have developed specialised magic to face those. In particular, the Black Forest in the Alyssenne Estate was born from an out-of-control ritual that was aiming to push back those creatures. The forest is still filled with sentient carnivorous plants, the Alyssenne flowers, that protect the Estate by eating all sea creatures they find - as well as any individual coming their way.
Sea creatures, by AmélieIS with Flickr and Pixabay

Beyond the empire

North of the Empire lies a scattering of islands, all independent from the empire itself despite sharing strong commercial ties with it. All islands are independent kingdoms and they are grouped together in a loose confederation. Their inhabitants are renowned for their sailing magic and skills. They are the most important traders in the hemisphere and the spices they grow in their islands are highly valued.

Similar islands can be found in the West, made of a multitude of independent kingdoms. They have few relationships with the empire as directly crossing the sea separating them is too dangerous. They mostly trade with the Northern Islands.

South of the Issone Mountains, a desert reinforces that isolation of the empire. It is avoided by almost everyone as it is deadly and not only because of its extreme weather. The rest of the Southern continent is occupied by big powerfully independent kingdoms that regularly attempt to invade the empire. They are resentful of the influence the Northerners have gained since the unification of the empire. They have their own type of magic and a strong centralised political system that is unique in the world. The climate in those regions goes from arid to tropical, and the area is also occupied by a massive tropical forest and two swamp areas, all of which are inhabited by dangerous creatures and disease-carrying microorganisms.


General population

There are around 600 Estates in the empire, although the number varies depending on conquests. Their size ranges from city states to vast countries, as presented in the following table. Close equivalents from our world are given for comparison. Populations and population density were calculated based on numbers in Europe in 1850. As an indication, during the Middle Ages the average population density in Europe was: high 100 inhabitants/miles², average 80, settled 60, low 40, desolate 20.

Region Population size (inhabitants) Size (km² (miles²)) Population density (inhabitants/km² (inhabitants/miles²))
Empire 1.390 billion 45 million (17 million; Asia) 31 (80)
Haut Plateau exact number unknown, (army 10k) 9 million (3.5 million; 1/5 of the empire) low
Estate of Alyssenne, Estate of Lyrienne 56 million 1 million (386k; Egypt) 56 (145; France in 1850)
Estate of Zériesse 30 million 770k (297k; Turkey) 39 (100)
Estate of Malinesse 21 million 780k (301; Turkey) 27 (70)
Estate of Blissenne 15 million 560k (216; France) 27 (71)
Estate of Kolinesse 12 million 520k (201k) 23 (60)
Estate of Veinianie, Estate of Dinarie 4.5 million (Belgium in 1850) 30k (12k; Belgium) 150 (389)
Arianie city 2.5 million (London in 1850) 316 (122; London in 1850) 8k (20k)
Estate of Ylucianie 300k (Liverpool in 1850) 2k (0.77k) 150 (389)
Estate of Irinalesse 270k (Milan in 1860) 2.6k (1k; Luxembourg) 104 (269)

Magic users

Most of the individuals living in the empire possess some magic, although a low percentage of the population is magicless. Nevertheless, a small percentage of the population also possesses extremely high magical powers and this has allowed them to take control of their local regions by force and to establish local governments. Because of this, there can be a lot of discrimination based on magical power, although this depends very much on the lords and ladies of the local Estate and the politics they choose to pursue. Beyond societal discrimination, magicless individuals or people with very weak power can also be disadvantaged in everyday life, as the technology around them requires magic to be used.

by AmélieIS

Power level % population Number of individuals in the empire Number of individuals in an average Estate
Non-magicals 10% 140 millions 233k
Practically non-magicals 20% 280 millions 466k
Average individuals 70% 968 millions 1.6 millions
Master crafters 0.1% 1.4 millions 2.3k
Low nobility 0.02% 300k 500
High nobility (lords and ladies and their family) 0.002% 30k (600 families) 5
Extremely power mages 0.000,0002% 3 0


The inhabitants of the empire consider themselves as part of the same ethnic group, as opposed to the inhabitants of the Northern Islands, the Western Islands, or the Southern Kingdoms. There used to be important distinctions between the inhabitants of the Northern half and of the Southern half the of the empire, dating back from before the unification of those two coalitions into one empire.   Since the empire has been unified, a lot but not all of those divisions have disappeared, with the geographical divisions between North and South being replaced with a political division between Light and Dark. Nevertheless, Light and Dark Estates are still mostly separated by geography, with Northern Estates mostly Light and Southern Estates mostly Dark.   The inhabitants of the North have more tanned skin and traditionally wear their hair long, as opposed to the inhabitants of the South. In more recent times, long hairstyles have become a trend adopted by members of the Light faction and rejected by those of the Dark.   The inhabitants of the Steppes have always been geographically, magically and politically separated from the rest of the empire.

Cover image: Map of the Empire of the Covenant by AmélieIS with Wonderdraft


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