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The Vassa city of mages. Much magical knowledge is kept here and taught here. The city is much like the rest of the Vassa in design, tall buildings of intricately carved stone that look like beautiful rock formations. The buildings are mostly painted and decorated with vibrant flowers and potted plants, and tapestries hand from thin pillars in the streets. These pillars contain magic lights at their tops, which come alive every night to light the streets.


This city is run by Magistrate Shudra, an archmage.

Industry & Trade

Many of the exports are arcane related, magic items, enchanted robes and scrolls or books. There is also a thriving textile industry here which produces the most incredible, vibrant fabrics that are sent around Vassa.


Nilama Harbour

The entire southern stretch of Zenurik. Where all 3 ports, Port Vina, Port Upallah and Port Madanas, are located and it’s a very strictly guarded and patrolled part of town.  

Garta Loop

The sort of figure 8 shaped ring around the Aurulent district. This is where a lot of merchants and homes are. It's also the arts district, where many a crafter can be found. There’s a portion within the small part of the figure 8 shape called the Krimija Knot which is where a lot of textile production is centred for the city.   There is also one of the largest branches of the Maharishi Manor here, and The Black Sages are known for storing and maintaining many books and scrolls on magic here.  

The Aurulent District

The innermost part of the city, where Governess Shudra stays, and also the district where most of the mages practice and study. The Larimar Conservatory, one of the best mage schools on the continent of Etis, is located here as well.  

Sakkara Bend

The market district, the more central part is where the 2 market squares are, and the more eastern side is where the guilds tend to be. The bigger market is called Lilac Bazaar and the smaller one is called the Sana Grounds  

Karait Ward

One of the other most protected districts in the city. The northern-most stretch of Zenurik, with the walls that shield the city from the Ecru Fields. The Karait Wall has 5 gates, each named for a colour, Red, White, Green, Black and Blue.
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Mages
Inhabitant Demonym
The Zenurik
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