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The fort city of Naramon is built on this high cliff of an island, with a stone bridge that connects the island to the mainland across the narrow strait. There's a lighthouse high on the hill, made of the same stark white stone that forms the rest of the island. It guards the port city of Zenurik, located across the strait. It's mostly high walls with cannons and ballistas mounted on top, The Rhakavs patrol the battlements.


Naramon is governed by Magistrate Pavitr Sajan - a stocky, slightly rotund human who is also perhaps the most distinguished lighthouse keeper in Elyria.


Naramon is built as a giant city-fortress, with multiple cannons and other ballista that dot the walls, as well as a strong military presence that guards both this city and Zenurik across the strait.


The city has 8 districts:   

Varna Sector

One third of the lowest sectors of Naramon. This is where the main port is, also conveniently known as Varna Port, though it’s mainly for the military and guests of honour.  

Harit Sector

One third of the lowest sectors of Naramon. There’s a port here as well, mostly for supply ships and passenger ships to dock. Conveniently called Harit Port.   There’s a market in this district selling fresh produce just brought in from the mainland or items from the ships that come in. The market is called The Open Palm and it’s one of the larger markets in Naramon.  

Pata Sector

One third of the lowest sectors of Naramon. The sector that connects to the bridge to the mainland. There are tolls on both sides, but citizens can purchase a special pass to traverse without paying a fee.   The bridge is called Visava Crossing, and it’s heavily guarded by Rhakavs both patrolling the bridge and sailing below.  


Another market in Naramon is located here, called Navah Square, it’s located at a slightly higher elevation, and it’s the more upscale market, catering to the wealthier folks. Many a tavern is found here too, mostly catered to the soldiers who are stationed here.   Girira is at the same elevation so most of the travel and transport are funnelled through this district.  


The soldier’s barracks and their primary training ground, most of the rhakavs who reside in this district are lower ranking, and this district is almost completely off limits to civilians. This district partially faces the mainland, and there are guard towers on both sides that are visible across the strait.  

Lorah Sector

The district above Girira and home to the higher ranking officers who are posted here. Many of the wealthy live here as well, and many of those families are Old Money… their ancestral homes were on this island long before the military came and set up their fort here.  

Kansa Sector

Another wealthy district, but more administrative than residential. Most of the admin staff of Naramon work here, though other branches of the managerial offices can be found elsewhere on the island.  

The Sula

The peak where the enormous lighthouse is, it’s also the headquarters for the Rhakavs who guard Naramon. The Magistrate of Naramon resides here, as possibly the most distinguished lighthouse-keeper in Elyria.
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