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The Vassa

Ruled by King Rajendra Ilyven and King Consort Vikas Ghosal. The two kings rule together as equals, but King Rajendra is the one of royal blood. The Vassa aesthetics are very colourful, and these people favour gold and precious stones in all things. The Vassa also have a unique way of printing patterns and their main export is textiles. They also produce textiles with a magical quality to them, and are the main creators of magical clothing.
The Vassa speak a dialect called Gaaya, which is lyrical and beautiful, and has 2 forms, Blueblood form and Common form. Most Vassa above a certain caste are allowed to speak both forms alongside lub suab. Gaaya looks like music scores, with a bar at the top of the letter and ‘drops’ of shapes that form the word.
  Notable Places:
Ayadhya - sea port, southernmost tip of the Vassa kingdom
Madurai - a military city, where warriors and those who wish to learn combat or war tactics are trained. The Vassa’s armies are trained here, but the techniques and tactics are kept secret from civilians.
Vazarin - the city of doctors, many medical professionals and clerics are trained here, and a lot of knowledge of herbs and healing is kept here.
Naramon - a fort city, built on an island off the main continent, Naramon guards the port city of Zenurik, located across the strait
Zenurik - the Vassa city of mages. Much magical knowledge is kept here and taught here.
Unairu - The Walled City, it’s sometimes called, it’s literally the border city at the northernmost side of the Vassa Kingdom, built into the wall that protects the Vassa border cities from the harsh desert winds. (and keeps the bandits out)
Rajapur - The capital city
Other villages:
Oopar, Rettilee, Bagheecha, Kadvaar

The Rhakavs:
The guards and soldiers of the Vassa, they are sometimes known locally as Gadas or by their enemies as “The Red Seas”, because of what it looks like when an entire army of them charges forward.
They wear largely leather and chain armour, and most wear a red band or red cape as well.
  The Vassa Deities : The Vassa have a few hundred deities, most of which are more like nature spirits, they also believe in a cyclical life, and have a more lax resurrection system than most other religions.
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