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The Walled City, it’s sometimes called, it’s literally the border city at the northernmost side of the Vassa Kingdom, built into the wall that protects the Vassa border cities from the harsh desert winds. (and keeps the bandits out)


Paja Court

The large open courtyard that makes up the grounds in front of the governor’s mansion. It’s usually the main marketplace.

The Feldspar District

Residential area, some shops are here too. There are two Maharishi Manors in this district. The houses here are built with a lot of texture and detail, even the poorer houses have some carved tiles and painted windows. And all the houses tend to have a ‘layered’ effect.

Caliche District

The wealthier part of town, the area behind the governor’s mansion, one of the safer parts of town. More Rhakavs than any other district. The houses here are quite large and very colourful.  

The Loams

A triangular district on the southern side of Unairu, kind of the arts district. It’s where a lot of sculptors, masons and smiths live and work. Some of them work on maintaining the wall, others create beautiful works of art, while others still work to build houses for the people.  

Scoria Ward

The other triangular district but on the northern part of the city against the wall. This is where the wall is thinnest and least maintained. It’s a hub of crime and full of smuggling rings.  

The Olivine Stretch

The crescent shaped chunk of land that comprises the western and southwestern sides of Unairu, it’s where the smaller wall between the Loessial Fields and the city is.
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