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Ayadhya is a colourful sprawl of a port city, with a lighthouse located on Maithil Shore known as The Seafarers' Call. Ayadhya is a beautiful place, known for its markets and sea-related industries.


Ayadhya has 6 districts and 4 sub-districts.    

Maithil Shore

This district runs the entire length of the shore of Ayadhya, and is the longest but narrowest district. This covers the 4 ports that the city has.   Istio Port Selachi Docks - where the local fishermen sail from Anguila Port Urolo Port - there’s a shipyard here for repairing vessels  


The market and trade district, there’s a famous market here called The Court of Wonders. It’s a mile-long marketplace filled with food, spices, and other goods from around Vassa. They have a section of the market that’s designated for textile traders.  


Pranna is the wealthier section of the city, separated into 2 sub-districts.  
Virya Heights
The craft centre of Ayadhya, many artisans and guilds related to craft are found here. There’s a thriving textile industry here too, but it’s not as big as it is in Rajapur or in Zenurik.  
Sukkha Acres
The wealthy reside here. But it’s the more New Money part of town.  

Rukkhara Ward

The industrial area of town, most of the factories are dedicated to producing textiles.  

Undra Hills

East Undra
A merchant and guild district, where most of the guild halls are based.  
West Undra
The administrative district of the city.  

Aatmana Crest

Another wealthy district, where the Old Money folks live.
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