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Selvaxi (sɛl.və.ʃi)

A more lanky, slender race of feline humanoids, prone to ceremony and following sun deities. The trio of catfolk- Selvaxi, Catfolk, and the Leonine- take up residence around the heart of Ukrenil, fighting fiercely with one another for territory. The catfolk took root in Rasil, after destroying the Nenetl temple and setting the first stone of what would become Ailorasil, the leonine established the village of Nyosefu at the mouth of what is today known as Sahuatl pass, on the north end of Cleavewind, leaving the selvaxi pinned between sides, and forcing them to make a number of small temple-cities along the road bordering the Rebellion Gulf.
Scientific Name
Rectus cattus


Type Humanoid(feline)
Ability Score Modifier +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma
Size medium
Speed 30 ft
Language Selvaxis begin play speaking Common and Selvadi. Bonus languages can be chosen from the following: Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, and Sylvan.

Darkvision: Selvaxis can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Natural Weapons: Selvaxis can fight with 2 claws that deal 1d4 base damage, plus a bite attack that deals 1d3 base damage.
Beastly Poise: Being more akin to cats that have learned to stand upright, a selvaxi can reduce the penalty for using Stealth while moving by 5 and can make Stealth checks while running at a –20 penalty (this number includes the penalty reduction from this trait). In addition, per the Sprinter trait, they gain a +10 foot racial bonus to their speed when using the charge, run, or withdraw actions.
Weapon Affinity: Selvaxi love weaponry of all kind, but hone in on a select few for themselves. At character creation, a selvaxi can choose a number of weapons up to their Intelligence modifier to add to their list of proficiencies. Simple and Martial weapons count as 1, but Exotics count as 2 for the purposes of additions. If your modifier is 0, you gain no additional weapon proficiencies; you cannot, however, lose proficiencies by going into negative numbers.