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The Royal

The Royals are a gang that is based in the Kingdom of Mythfalls . This group is run byEnzo Aldo Test Subject Will  which has made them very organized and wealthy group. They have dealings in all types of underworld business in the Kingdom of Mythfalls. There’s not anyone in the underworld who doesn't know of them and half of them has to pay them something to work in their territory. Now, these are about one the most civilized groups out there. Officers and leaders are expected to come out with some decorum and elegance. this is a show they can play both games the underworld and high society. So watch out for A royal could be anywhere and everywhere.


So Mr Aldo is the head undefeated then he asked 6 major leaders. They are in charge of wide-area and keep take of what going on in the smaller group and their movement. The smaller groups are trained and given a Pacific task to manage and get done.


They have a unique style and personality for a gang. They believe in dressing and living the highlight of life. To eat and dine as royals do. Even people in the lowest position of the gang. Are treat to nice meals and parties to go to. most of them have been trained with some form of quorum and etiquette. They seem to act very nice and respectful to one another. Which actually seems to make them a well-organized team. It also takes a lot of the alpha out and allows organization and leadership to come out on top of this. Which makes this Group A stronger in a bit more formidable.

Public Agenda

Their agenda is to take over both the underground world and seize power to eventually take over the Kingdom and rule it. They also want the finest things in life. Like a big house, gold, good food, fine wine. They want to live the best life and be at the top of the world.


There is no way in knowing all their assets but they have a good set of gold weapons and armor. We believe they even have some artifact-level items in their possessions. They even make drugs and other types of illegal goods. they owned houses on other types of lands throughout the Kingdom. Even have contracts and trade agreements with other kingdoms and craftsmen and associates throughout the entire continent.     The Red Trace Assanen will be pulled out when the group got in the way to much
Alternative Names
Mr Aldo servant what the guard mostly called them
Related Ranks & Titles
Notable Members

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