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Prime D Forcer

In the rank of The Royal there is one person. That is as scary and terrifying as the boss. That is fear and respect at the same time.They are only know as Prime D Frocer but gose by D for short. This title is give to the most deadliest and merciless member in the group. They are the left hand of Enzo Aldo Test Subject Will . Is use to take out those how need die a pain full death. Also they sent those who got in the way one to many times.


Need to be part of The Royal. Needs not to have a conscience and a strong will to kill.


Have killed the current holder of he title and took in the suit and bought it on them self.


Anything Enzo Aldo Test Subject Will  requires of them to do. And that's nothing short of murdering, torturing, killing, blooding, interrogation, you name it it's probably a requirement. So if you want this title


Has access to all any arsenal that the gang has available. Has the ability to request aid and support from any safe house or personal. Is able to turn and requirements upon any requests from any person other than Enzo Aldo Test Subject Will .

Accoutrements & Equipment

Where is a blood red suit with royal purple trim and a chain shirt underneath.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Only Enzo can Dismissal them from posting. Beside the only other way is to be retired.
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Length of Term
To their death there is no retirement.
Related Organizations

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