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Enzo Aldo Test Subject Will

Mr. Enzo Aldo (a.k.a. The Ruler, TK King)

Mr Enzo Aldo is a man with politeness and dignity that could scare you to death. he is a man that wants to be a ruler and will do nothing but to get it. it does it was style because he is a gentleman. chairman that leads the The Royal gange. he is one of the major powers in the underworld. so to have the utmost respect for this man and he'll show you the same. be wary if you get on his bad side.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mr Aldo grew up in the city of Alicia. His mother was a maid for a noble. For his first 12 years of life, you got to experience life knowing what's good food tastes like. Got some decent education for his station. Also interacted with the nobles’ children. Which taught him how to act and behave like a noble. Until one-day noble family fired his mom. Claiming they found family jewels in her possession. Then blacklisted her forever being hired again.
So in his teen years, he had to start picking up how to live off the street really quick. He figured out what survival of the fit is and how to be quick and nimble. Even had started up his own little gang. He seemed to have a knack for leadership. But he still wanted more he wanted that life back. He wanted too have the best food and the greatest wines.   To do this he started figuring out everything anything about the underworld. drugs cons slavery you name it he researched it. Figure out the ends and out of it all. Making contacts getting the ball rolling in several areas at once starting to build his empire.   He started turning his gang into an organization to work towards that goal and that became very profitable. With power and desire comes more power and desire. now his organization is known as the Royals one of the biggest gangs.
Current Location
Deep Dark Purple that have glow to them
long jet black always in bread tail
The God and Goddess dont do anything for us we need to go out get power for our self
Aligned Organization

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