Rose River

Rose River got its name because the lot rose to grow around the area and next to the river. It is a major city hub. It places to trade and where city guard. So this place has a very nice look with all colors rose around it and a unique aesthetic.


63% Human 37% the other Species


Ruler is the lord appointed by King


Gaurd is known as The Thorn portal the have some interesting magical item. Like bracer of capturing that sen out vines and bind the target. Camming Scentsy stick that let out a fragrance to make everyone chilled. Know they have the training to still be able to work in the area Dwarven guard name Reddit Caption Rosses   Magical giant wall that has to power spell on it from old day one bloom where rose petal come out the wall a difference blocking lot psychical and magical attacks.

Industry & Trade

    It is the main hub for lot town send and receive goods. it served by buy for small town and sell there stuff 
  • Lay Line Crystals  water and Earth
  • Plant enactment specify
  • Fish
  • Plants (Rose are the specialty get what color you want)


  • Radiant Tavern an Adventure Bar and gub stop
  • Thomes hop and drop A hotel for the most hoping Adventures has organ and blue rose around it room night for a person coast Bunny folk ower name Gummy
  • Sofia Party Bed A hotel set Adventures party has organ rose around it room for a party of 4 to 6 coast
  • Bud R est Chepp place to rest for the night the coast is depptepul per person
  • RainbowSalmon seafood place with a story by owner how he saw rainbow salmon that was the good luck charm that he knows to open this shop.
  • Thorn Tower Organ is the guard tower over the Adventures area and one-half group take outside treat and city treats around the Adventures side
  • Thorn Tower Green take care of shopping districts as the other half that takes the outside treat
  • Bendives and Salend Medical care the hospital for Adventures specialized type wound and poison.
  • Steal Love, A weapon store it has masterwork love but is not magical the owner believes the weapon and the welder are what make the magic
  • Nisku Margical arm. Magical weapon store
  • Home of the steel man. An armor shop with everything an adviser need and a person that believe great to win you need a great defense
  • Seed To Go, an alchemist herbal store
  • Squirrel Land of Goody it is a junkyard and raw material place
  • Stable
  • Blare industry a Fashion store and designer model and sell their own stuff own by Serga Top
  • Marygold an upcoming clouting store the design and make there own stuff get to show off owner Valene And Bethany
  • Lamora School of the wizard and life Counsur Parry Half Elf 200GP Wizard Porfecer Willferd
  • Arcademun mage collige+


The build is very well designed and painted in all types of colors. The most interesting thang you find out is every area is design or more accurately makes off with the different colors of rose bushes. to tell you what area you are in and for the aesthetic
  • Dark blue rose Ruler of the area and the family property.
  • Purple you in upper-class district
  • Green trad district
  • yellow common district
  • red everywhere
  • Organ rose guard and other adventuring groups are
  • white mostly at parks
Know this town was mostly rob or crowns in the wild amount of color when coming from one outer town it a cuter shock. they have color clothing but nothing like Rose River. outer city clothing is more funding. even common folk have two clothing work and every day that are no were near each other

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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