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House Ripperda

A family of dark elves from the Verschow specializing in the art of evocation magic. Its matriarch was killed during a Verschow war for succession nearly a century ago, the former matriarch's widower Jeremias Ripperda choosing to lead the family rather than passing on leadership to one of his female heirs. In recent centuries the Ripperdas have failed to lead any political coalitions, but they've been persuaded on several occasions to loan their devastating powers to the highest bidder.   For several decades the Ripperdas were aligned with House Baudissin and helped to orchestrate attacks on Rakkan territory, but after the Hainaut coup of 901 they abandoned their onetime allies and became a supporter of House Hainaut's reconciliation with Rakka under the Treaty of Rel-Kadrar.

Few Problems Survive a Firestorm

Political, Family
Family Leader

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