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Froggy Chair

A male bullywug and longtime agent of the Handgun. A refugee from the The Sunken God's Reign of Terror in 897, he fled north towards Sardivelia and quickly fell into the business of shaking down rivals for gold and rare items for the Handgun. He's an intimidating presence in every room he enters, despite being on 4'3". For much of the 4th Cycle's tenth century he's been working in the Northern Territories with his partner-in-crime Alice Quickly, smuggling items out of Kiri Clan during the Oda-Kiri War and participating in the high-stakes heist on Chusei University's Museum of Natural Wonders in the spring of 919.   By the 920's him and Alice had relocated to the city of Nekutalin to take advantage of the burgeoning pirate scene. In the summer of 924 he learned that his long-lost brother Noodles Habanero was sailing around the Karaga Sea as a fearless pirate aboard the Holy Boater. After more than a quarter century separated from each other, the two bullywugs managed to reunite and catch up on all the lost time.


Family Ties

Current Location
Year of Birth
884 47 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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