Gyohdo Empire

Gyohdo, a nation also known as "The Frightful Dragon of the Seas" by those few that have had the misfortune to actually engage them in war. The island empire usually keeps to itself viewing the events of the mainland as unimportant to the functionality of the nation. The few times it has interfered is when its trade agreements with other nations were at risk or another nation attempted to take their land from them.     Formation of the Empire According to legends the nation was formed by Ilta Tyro long before the start of the Great Rise Calendar, the exact date is unknown, as much of the history of the islands is stepped in myths and legends, but with at least one account the Island Nation is at least 2000 years old.   One of the most accepted myths of the formation of the empire is that long ago, Ilta Tyro, daughter of a divine being, captured a primordial forcing it to protect the island from all that should attempt to bring harm against the island. According to that same legend the primordial Alessia failed to protect the island on one occasion and it was punished, its form forced to encircle the island of Mah'Lo, creating whirlpools and the nine year mist that protect the island from outsiders.   One of the very few documented facts of early Gyohdo history is when it first began interacting with other nations of the world. When the island nation first spread beyond the borders of Mah'Lo in 227 GR inadvertently starting the first of what became known as the three islands wars in the process.     The Island Wars In 227 the nation of Gyohdo attempt to expand its borders for the first time taking the western Archipelago for its own from the Graylands. Though initially only taking one island, the act led to the two lands coming into conflict with what became known as the First Islands War. The war lasted for 26 years and in the end Gyohdo managed to claim the Archipelago from the Greylands. It was in this war that Gyohdo gained the nickname "The Fearsome Dragon of the Sea". It also ended with many treaties being signed by Gyohdo and several of the guilds within the Greylands.   The Second Island War started in the year 348. Having kept both the Archipelago and Mah'Lo a part of their kingdom for almost a hundred years Gyohdo became cocky. The ruler at the time, Unek Tyro wanted to claim the large island to the south of them as a new territory. Though they managed to briefly take a few towns, the Gyohdo Empire was pushed out within eleven years.   The Third and Final Island War in 362 ended almost as soon as it began. The island to the south declared war on Gyohdo and launched a fleet to get revenge on the empire for its attempted invasion fourteen years earlier. However it was the start of the Mist-Time and the entire fleet was lost. The two Islands swore never to go to war between each other again.


An empire of islands ruled over by the Emperor or Empress which until recently has always been a member of the Tyro family. The Emperor/Empress is aided in their rule by the Council of eight, which is made up of the head of the Gyohdo Merchants Guild, the General of The Cobalt Flame, the Admiral of the Gyohdo Naval Forces, the Captain of the Val'Guard, the head priests of both Ilta and Allesia, the Archmagi of the Islands, and an Advisor that is only replaced when the next Emperor takes the throne. And below that is the senate, called the Circle of Nobles, made by representatives from each of the noble families of the Nine Islands.   Emperor/Empress of the Gyohdo Empire, Claimant of Throne of the Nine, Protector of the Islands - Currently Empty     Council of Eight   Archmagi of the Islands, Mystical Council of the Throne - Currently, Elgier Tanac   Admiral of the Gyohdo Navy, Military Council of the Throne - Currently, Iquess Ren   Guildmaster of the Merchants of the Empire, Economic Council of the Throne - Currently, Sienne Fell   General of the Cobalt Flame, Intelligence Council of the Throne - Currently, Aloi Citen   Captain of the Val'Guard, Interior Council of the Throne - Currently, Niven Spire   Archbishops of the Islands, Spiritual Councils of the Throne - Current Ilta Archbishop, Monfar Torren; Current Alessia Archbishop, Sorie Rhada   Chosen Advisor of the Emperor, Special Council of the Throne - Currently, Vacant

The Scattered Many as One

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The Nine Islands
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