Ranval Castle

Atop the dragon's peak within the city of Sa'Ir, the center of the castle heights, believed named for Ilta Tyro's first consort, the brilliant shining marble stone of Ranval Castle glistens for the city to see. Home to the Throne of the Nine the seat of power for the Gyohdo Empire. None save a Tyro have ever laid claim to the throne or the castle.

Purpose / Function

Castle of the Royal Family of the Gyohdo Empire, it is where the council of eight meets alongside the Emperor or Empress of the nation, where the future of the islands are decided. It also houses the family of royal family as well as having the main keeps of the Val'Guard and the Cobalt Flame attached to it and the training facilities for them as well.


Initially just the main castle it has since had numerous alterations over the course of the two millenia since it being built. The original structure consisted of the main hall and throne room with the rear wing originally only containing the royal bedroom, the family hall, dining hall, kitchen, and bedrooms for the Empress' children. It also had a detached guard house for the Royal Guard, later known as the Val'Guard.   Jona Tyro, a kind and compassionate man, who loved nature more than anything, as well as being the third ruler and first emperor of the empire, added the Royal Gardens, including a large maze of flowering hedges in order to test the intellect of the guards.   Xen Tyro, the sixth ruler of the empire, a diplomatic and military minded leader added the central wing that with two towers and connected the castle to the Val'Guard Keep. She also added the training grounds for the Val'Guard.   Tiek Tyro, a later ruler of the empire added the left and right wings of the castle to make room for more members of the royal family to stay at the castle as well as adding more barracks for the Val'Guard and adding a small orchard into the Royal Garden.   Valen Tyro, the longest ruler of the empire added more floors, building the castle upwards, adding the God's Spire and the Ocean's Spire to the castle, as well as lining the exterior of the castle with marble to make it more presentable.   Conel Tyro, the first ruler of the empire to also be a member of the Cobalt Flame connected the keep of the Cobalt Flame to the castle.   Harat Tyro, a much later ruler of the empire, added the vault of wonders, a subterranean chamber filled with wondrous artifacts.   Daelah Tyro, a known animal fanatic, expanded the small stables of the castle into the Grand Stables.   Antiv Tyro, the last of the Tyro family, added the Hall of Rulers, a large Museum featuring paintings and statues of all the former rulers of Gyohdo so that the Tyro family would be remembered.


Initially a simple keep made of granite and limestone, with each consecutive addition the architecture became more elaborate with each addition, different architectural styles merging and melding together as it grew. It has since become a massive complex with several towers, spires, multiple wings and connected to what used to be two entirely separate keeps. The central courtyard has a massive garden with a a small orchard and a hedge maze.

Owning Organization
Gyohdo Empire


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