Sa'Ir, Capitol of the Gyohdo Empire

(Pronounced Sah'Ihr)   At first glance you'd think the castle isn't as big as it appears to be, and you would be right, it is in fact much larger, with the town melded into the mountain around the castle. The Ranval Castle, Silran Bridge and the nearby Silaug Tower were all rumored to be built by Ilta Tyro at the formation of the Gyohdo Empire. The city is divided into several districts, not including the magnificent Castle Heights where Ran'Val Castle, home to the Throne of the Nine is situated.   Castle Heights Home to the Ranval Castle and the Throne of the Nine, the Castle Heights is also home to the main headquarters of The Cobalt Flame as well as a training facility that has been used by both The Cobalt Flame and the Val'Guard, the specially trained royal guard of not only Sa'Ir but of the Ranval Castle, over the generations.   Noble Dream The District Surrounding the Castle Heights, this is where the major Noble families that make their home in Sa'Il Reside. The district is also home to a rather impressive theater.   Cobbled Markets A mish-mash of markets built together seemingly without any reason behind the planning, the cobblestone streets lead to shops pressed against each other keeping upright by the tension o being beside each other. The Cobbled Markets host many interesting shops though most locals will say Zalar's Antique Emporium is a shop everyone should stop by.   Artisans Alley A large district of crafters and smiths, Artisans Alley is well known for the make of its crafts. A buyer should be wary though as the Artisans Alley is not to far from the Carved Slums.   Travelers Bluff A series of hostels, inns, and taverns built on the bluffs overlooking the sea. Most people who come to visit Sa'Ir stay in one of those that are located in this district of the city.   The Rise A district for the middle class located near Artisan's Alley, Traveler's Bluff and the Cobbled Markets. While not as ritzy as the Noble Dream, it is still a league above the Carved Slums.   Carved Slums A shanty area of the city carved into the earth and rock, those that live here are the poorest of the poor, and even those not criminals are considered as such for living there.   Tower Circle A small collection of houses, smaller markets, and little known craftsman that formed around the tower for ease of access. It is also home to the Silaug Tower, a massive lighthouse with an observatory at the very top.   Holy Domain Between the Noble Dream, the Guard Quarter and the Cobbled Markets lays the Holy Domain, a small district comprised of fourteen churches and the housing for the priests and holy people that attend the churches. It is also the location of one of the two Breachways that exist on Mah'Lo.   Guard Quarter Main barracks for the guards, soldiers and knights that live in Sa'Ir, it is also home to the armory and the Crescent Forge.


Humans - 30%   Half Elves - 12.5%   Elves (Primarily Sea and Wood) - 12.5%   Vanara - 10%   Shifters (Primarily Wolfkin, Tigerkin, and Boarkin) - 7.5%   Drakeblood - 5%   Neko - 5%   Lizardfolk - 5%   Centaurs - 2.5%   Minotaur - 2.5%   Slimefolk - 2.5%   Grung - 2.5%   Various Other Races 2.5%


The capitol of the Gyohdo Empire, previously ruled over by the Tyro family for centuries the throne lays vacant awaiting a new claimant.


The natural defences of the cliffs and hills, as well as the nearby forest keep most natural threats at bay, if any did make it to Sa'Ir, the Val'guard and the Cobalt Flame recruits can easily divert any threats.


The primary export of Sa'ir is the Mithril, Silver, and Platinum that is extracted from within the cliff-sides of the island. Also the fine crafts from the artisan district and the harvested Elawood and Ironwood. The sea beside the cliff is full of crustacean and there are many crustacean trap-lines attached to the sides of the bridge that are checked daily and only fully grown crustacean are taken and they make sure not to over fish.


Cobblestone Roads as well as stone carved or brick buildings are in every district save the Carved Slums which instead has dirt roads and most of the houses there are built into the ground like small hills, with a few having shoddy wooden houses. The city is renowned for its extensive sewers and aqueduct systems giving all but the Slums not only flowing water, but keeps the filth out of the city.


Numerous craft stores in Artisans Alley with even more stores in the Cobbled Market.

Guilds and Factions

The Val'Guard   The Cobalt Flame   The Merchants Guild   The Artisans Guild   The Besital Theater Troupe   The Church of Ilta   The Church of Alessia


Stone and brick built buildings with wooden supports for taller buildings are the dominant architecture of the city. Many of the residential houses are extravagantly painted by those that live in them.


On a cliffy part of the Jungle of Mah'Lo it lays in a Cove where the small Aeh'To peninsula connects to the rest of the island. A small island outcropping is connected to Sa'Ir via a bridge where Silaug Tower and the Tower Circle district reside.

Natural Resources

The natural resources of Sa'Ir are the same as the natural resources of the island as the capitol of the not only the Empirebut the island as well.

Included Locations
Owning Organization
Gyohdo Empire


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