The Cobalt Flame

Formed by Asander Tyro who ruled during the time of the First Island War. Led by the Half Elf Daelon Ryto, Human Paladin Krysta whose last name has been lost to time, and the Neko Erila Citen, the Cobalt Flame was originally a mercenary group comprised of eight members. The group was named for a legendary weapon Erila Citen had found and became known for using in battle. Hired by the Emperor of Gyohdo to help them expand their borders with little bloodshed, The Cobalt Flame proved themselves by succeeding in taking the islands for them, not by defeating any in charge, but by providing support and protection to the peoples of two islands from the natural threats.   With each success The Cobalt Flame grew in renown becoming more and more important to the Gyohdo Empire. And as they grew in prominence so too did their ranks. By the time the First Island War was over the mercenary group had grown to be an army in its own right and was brought in to be a branch of the Gyohdo Military. As a token for their valor in service the seven of the original eight members of Cobalt Flame Necromancer Daelon, Warlock Hunter Erila, the Elven Cleric Alana Streamsaved, the Vanaran Scout Otam Grevon, the Swashbuckling Tiefling Tarcella Ren, the Wolfkin Champion Graham, and the Drakeblood Sorceress Honey Sato were granted not only full citizenship status in Gyohdo as well as noble titles and with the exception of Daelon who refused the post each of them was given an island to be the lord of. The paladin Krysta unfortunately sacrificed her life in aiding the islands in their growth, as a way to honour her sacrifice her beau Daelon became the de facto leader of the Cobalt Flame.   Since then the Cobalt Flame has whittled down from being an army to a group of special forces, never more than fifty active members not counting the general and the eight officers positions. The around fifty active members would be split between the eight officers, each usually choosing their members from among the trainees, though sometimes the General assigns the squad. The Current General of The Cobalt Flame is Aloi Citen, indeed a descendant of one of the founders of The Cobalt Flame, and current wielder of the weapon Cobalt Flame. She is also the only descendant of one of the original eight currently a member of The Cobalt Flame.   The eight squadrons of elite force are The Vanguard Squadron, The Champion Squadron, The Savior Squadron, The Hunter Squadron, The Valiant Squadron, The Rising Squadron, The Crystal Squadron, and the little seen from Vacant Squadron that represents the elite of the elites. As of 1567 two of the squadrons, the Valiant and the Vanguard are lacking commanders.


General of The Cobalt Flame - Current Holder of Seat, Aloi Citen   Commander of the Savior Squad - Current Holder of the Seat, (TBR)   Commander of the Hunter Squad - Current Holder of the Seat, (TBR)   Commander of the Valiant Squad - Current Holder of the Seat, VACANT   Commander of the Champion Squad - Current Holder of the Seat, (TBR)   Commander of the Rising Squad - Current Holder of the Seat, (TBR)   Commander of the Vanguard Squad - Current Holder of the Seat, VACANT   Commander of the Crystal Squad - Current Holder of the Seat, (TBR)   Commander of the Vacant Squad - Current Holder of the Seat, REDACTED

Public Agenda

To protect the Islands of the Empire from internal and external threats, to promote peace within the islands, and should the throne be vacant protect the islands from internal strife until the throne has been claimed by a new ruler.


Of the nine leadership positions in the Cobalt Flame, all but two are currently taken and there are currently 39 members of the six currently active squads. In addition there are 144 current recruits in training to join the Cobalt Flame.   The Cobalt Flame has two ships that belong to the division, A Brig known as The Hoff and a Cutter called The Anders.   They have two headquarters on Mah'Lo one in Sa'Ir and one in Mi'Ita, with a few other safehouses and bases on the other islands.   For mounts the Cobalt Flame has a specially bred breed of Ibex that has been trained to act as mounts for them. There are currently 41 capable mounts of this species including two that belong to Aloi named Rasp and Hush.   The organization is rather rich though its exact funds are unknown it is said to be the best funded branch of the three arms of Gyohdo.   The Cobalt Flame has a fully stocked armory that members can request equipment from, however they still require a faith deposit to ensure that if the item is lost it can be replaced.

Light the Dark, Cobalt Flame

Military, Special Operations Force
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Gyohdo Empire
Notable Members


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